Cost of going to Iceland in 2009

I note in the 2009-10 brochure that the grand tour of Iceland has risen in price by £500. Given that the Icelandic Krona has has now devalued significantly I wonder what the chances are of the price of this holiday coming down.

 I am very keen to go on the trip but given the current climate, and the dramatic reductions in prices that other operators are now introducing, I am loathe to go ahead and book this holiday through Exodus at the 2009 brochure price. 

 If I can be assured that any reduction in costs due to the plight of the Krona will be reflected in the final price then I will go ahead and book. Otherwise I may not


I to am hoping to book an Iceland trip in 2009,still waiting for dates and prices,lets hope the costs go down.


I to am hoping to book an Iceland trip in 2009,still waiting for dates and prices,lets hope the costs go down.

The increased brochure price has now been published on the website as well. I have emailed Exodus about the price and have asked if there is any likelihood of it going down in light of the recent Krona crash but have yet to receive a reply


We at Exodus understand concerns regarding the pricing of the Iceland trips for 2009, please rest assured we are aware of the exchange rate fluctuations. However, at present the economy in Iceland is far too unstable for either our local operator or ourselves to take any risk in adjusting prices for trip dates so far ahead as the spring or summer. As clients will see shortly via the web and the next email marketing shot, we have reduced the price for the first Iceland departure of the winter - CZH Iceland Adventure Weekend, by £135. This discount will also apply to those clients already booked. We would therefore suggest that if clients are keen on taking the Grand Tour of Iceland, they should reserve their places now, paying a deposit for the time being and allowing us to reserve flights seats from our allocation with Icelandair. If and when the price is reduced, we will ensure that this new price is applicable to all clients booked, not just new bookings. Aside from this, it would be prudent for us to mention that we have no control over airline fuel surcharging, which could cancel out any reduction in operational costs. We say this because, as most will have seen, airlines are finding it very hard to maintain their current prices while the price of oil is also so unstable.

We feel we should also explain the price increase mentioned above as Mr McIntyre is right, it is quite high. Yes, a large part of this was down to exchange rate changes between 2007/8 brochure and the new season 2008/9, but also price increases quoted by our local land operator and the airline. Given that Iceland has one of the highest rates of inflation in Europe, we did well to keep the increases to what we see in the brochure now.

WE are sorry that we cannot do more regarding the price of the 2009 summer programme yet, but we hope clients appreciate the reasoning behind this. We believe no travel business, in the current economic climate, should be able to justify the risk of a dynamic change in price structure for dates so far ahead as the Grand Tour of Iceland. We know that the price of the trips to Iceland is greater than many other destinations in Europe, but this also means that the risk in gambling on the exchange rate remaining at its new point is also greater.

Aside from all this, we would still recommend Iceland as must see touring destination. I personally spent a week earlier this year walking on the TSE Iceland Volcano Hike, and the geology of the country truly amazed me.

Jason Baldaro
Product & Operations
Exodus Travels Ltd

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