Trails of Borneo Nov 08


Is anyone in here going to be on this trip?

Would love to get in touch beforehand...


Hi Becca

We posted a message yesterday but, like the old wrinklies we are, put it in October instead of November, no worries!  Getting excited now and looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone.  This is our third Exodus holiday and hope it is as good as the others.  We are busy getting stuff together now.   Trying to keep it light!  Have tried to find out about malaria tablets and not getting very far, we think we may include Mulu National Park and take 18 each.  Have you any thoughts on it? 

See you at Heathrow, bright and early!

Kath and Dave



Hey, great to hear from you. I literally booked this yesterday! I've given my docs form in, only today - am hoping malerone will be okay (as ive used them before in Kenya). If so, I will probably go the whole hog and take the tablets for the whole course of the trip.

This is my first group - and first adventure trip - really, (except for a safari in Africa last year) so any tips on packing / clothes / repellent would be great!

First things first, i need to buy some walking boots and wear them in a bit - looks like i'll be trekking around the office with them on!!

Bec :-)

Cant offer too much advice because all our trips have been different.  Would say though that we plan to layer clothing for different temperatures and try to pack as light as we can.  Insect repellent is a must and we always take 100% Deet (think its Lifestyle Adventure) but be careful with it as it melts plastic (as Dave found out with his watch!.  Keep it in a separate bag!   Also a good idea to take Ibuprofen and paracetamol tablets too just in case of bad headaches at altitude.    We are basically going to take Malarone straight through as well.  Rang Exodus yesterday as we were unsure about water purification but you dont need any, water is okay.  And he also mentioned we would need the sheet sleeping bag.  Happy shopping for your kit this weekend!


Hi - less than 3 weeks to go and I'm getting excited!  Can't wait!  I'm going through the kit buying process - taking malerone too as there don't seem to be too many nasty side effects.

 Just trying to work out how many changes of clothes to take - I imagine it will be hot and humid so clean won't stay clean for long and a couple of changes with a large bottle of travel wash is the way to go!  Any thoughts?



Hi Jonny :)

I think i'll take a few changes - need to go buy some decent and suitable clothes... but i think maybe big bottle of washing stuff is a good idea! Is anyone taking ground / sleeping mat or think that we won't be needing them?


hi everyone, we are only taking sheet sleeping bags as i think it mentions mats are provided. Ours weigh 1300 grams [ you can get lighter ones ] , they are like very light sleeping bags. Still unsure whether to splash out on mosquito nets though

Kath and Dave


Sleeping bags is on my list to call and ask Exodus about as I only have a 4 season one which is sure to be overkill!  It only mentions sheet sleeping bags in the trip notes but I've splashed out on a mozzy net too to supplement the deet!  Generally I'm trying to pack as light as possible.



Can't wait now , not long to go! I seem to have gone the whole hog, Got the mozzy net , deet and malaria tablets, although having the read the side effects, think I'd rather have the malaria !!! Hope the see you all at the airport .


Hi guys, good to see everyone is having packing dilemmas - even the boys! I'm just working out which kit to take too..... have crazy busy time beforehand so might have to be more organised than the day before... (this will be a challenge!)

If you look at the arrivals forum there's some postings from people who've done this trip including kit comments which seem helpful.....

See you all at the airport... I'm just hoping I'm over my cough... walking up a flight of stairs is challenging at the mo... doesn't bode well for the altitude!




Hi again :)

What kind of mosquito repellants are people taking for this trip? I was looking at the 100% DEET, but hear it can be pretty harsh stuff? Also has anyone used 'Life Systems' Plus range / and or Jungle Formula?

Im bringing a net but do we need to bring coils / plug-ins and stuff too?

Apologies for the rookie questions.




I'm taking a spray that is 100% deet.  It's not great for the skin but more effective better than weaker stuff.  I'm working on the principle that using it for only a couple of weeks should be ok.

Coils don't even work against Scottish midges so I imagine the Bornean versions eat them for breakfast!  Never tried anything requiring a plug so I can't comment.

Can't wait - only two weeks to go now!  Are you heading to Heathrow the night before or getting up very early?



I'll be enlisting the help of an understanding mate to suffer the M2 and drop me off early morning :)

Has anyone had final meeting instructions etc yet?


My final instructions arrived a while ago - all etickets so no need to fret about losing them!  This time in a couple of weeks we'll be out there - much better than the office!

Hopefully the deet won't rot through everything!


Yes, we have received our E tickets so will all meet at Heathrow, straight through to Miri to be met by Exodus.  On our last Exodus trip we received some vouchers for lodge stays, hotel stays etc, which were handed over on checking in.   We may or may not get these this time though.

Deet!  We have used 50% roller balls for behind the ears and neck and also used 100% deet, on numerous occasions, which we usually spray into the air and walk through, with eyes closed!  We have not had any bother except for plastics, Dave's watch strap and watch face melted in Peru!   It is very good though!  We have also started taking B1 tablets, which are supposed to help reduce bite reactions.   I, Kath, find them good but some people think its rubbish, perhaps its a placebo but it works for me!  I take them now and right through the holiday. 

Hope everyone is well.  See you soon.

Kath and Dave

DEET and cameras don't go well together either . . . I've used jungle formula before and it seemed ok from what I remember. I'm heading down to Heathrow on the Friday night too. Then plan to start holiday with lying in as late as possible (not very on this trip!), checking in straight away (to get rid of the luggage), then having a good breakfast to kill some time!

I'm told marmite works well for keeping the mosquitos away (eating it not spreading it round for them to get stuck in!), but despite what some people might consider excessive consumption on my part (I'm definitely in the 'love it' group of people), I haven't noticed the mosquitos staying away....

See you all soon



... if looking at car park and hotel deals check out how much they charge for the extra day (as the trip is technically 16 days for parking purposes!). Some hotels seem to charge £25, others only £8.....

Talking of money I've always just got money out with my card on arrival and as needed - anyone made any more sense of the exodus instructions? I get the don't bring travellers cheques, but then it's a bit vague. Suugests you won't need much but adding the meals and tips together it's a reasonable amount - not sure I want to carry all of that all the way round with me... what's everyone else doing?




Hi Gilly ,

 Thanks for the advice  on the hotel car parks , I will check how much they might sting me for upon my return !  Regards  the money , the advice I got was to take American dollars , apparently  you can get rid of them anywhere in Malaysia ! (not that they are worth a fat lot now due to the credit crunch) Might see you for breakfast at the airport ?


Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I see there's some discussion about car park charges. If anyone is interested, they are welcome to leave their car at my house in Bracknell, Berkshire (I'm getting a taxi in on the Saturday morning which you're welcome to share, about 30 minutes journey to LHR). However, please note I've only room for one car - so get in early to avoid disappointment ;-) If any of you are interested, whoever posts first to the forum, I'll give the space to. This would be particularly useful for those of you who are coming from the south west or Wales towards London, Bracknell is off junction 10 (Reading / Wokingham) on the M4 or junction 4 (Camberly) or 3 (Bagshot / Woking) on the M3. I'll be getting the taxi around 7.15 a.m. to arrive at LHR around 7.45 a.m.

Secondly, I see that at least one of you is planning to stay at the Holiday Inn the night before (off the M25, junction 14). Look out for Rosie and her friend (who I've not met) who are also on our trip and who will be staying at the Holiday Inn the night before too.

For those of you who've not climbed up to 4000m before, you may like to consider at least one walking pole. Unfortunately, it's added weight, but you may be glad of it especially on the way down, to help ease the pressure on the knees ;-) Kath and Dave's advice about medication for headaches is really useful (so heed their advice), speaking as someone who has suffered from altitude sickness before. 

Another tip is dry wash (Lifeadventure, 100 ml bottle), which you can pick up from any good outdoor shop. It's great for keeping your hands clean in remote places where water is not available.

Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing the fun.






Well almost time!! I see a lot of you might be meeting up pre / post check-in. I'll keep an eye out for the Exodus tags/ walking boots and see if i can spot any of you for a coffee :)

I'm thinking of taking a couple of quick dry sets of clothes and some other light layers... Do jeans have any use (obviously not for trekking, but evenings / Kota Kinabalu etc?)


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