Hello fellow Libyan Desert Explorers

Hi everyone, thought I would see if anyone else is going to the Libyan desert next month. Just received the joining instructions and disappointed to see that Exodus no longer provides a list of fellow travellers. How on earth am I going to remember everyone's names without a list to jog my memory? The letter suggested posting a message in the forums and I've been 'lurking'  to see if anyone else would post first but have now decided to take the plunge myself.

I've travelled with Exodus before and the last few years I have been focusing on what the Romans got up a few thousand years ago so am really looking forward to seeing Leptis Magna. If you're reading this and have been I would love to hear about it, also good to hear if you are on the same trip as me.



My wife and I did this trip last month and the sights are outstanding. The desert landscapes are amazing, as are the Roman ruins, with Sabratha as good as Leptis Magna. The Libyan tour staff are great. You will have five nights when you can either sleep in tents or outside and three nights in huts at fixed camps. The downside is the three long days of bus travel and the food. The breakfasts are very small (bread and a few biscuits) while camping so I would take supplies to supplement them. Some of the evening meals are also quite small. If you take plenty of snacks you'll have a great time. The trip is worth it for the full day roller-coaster ride through the sand dunes alone. 

Thanks for the info on meals, I usually take a few snack bars since I get very grumpy when my blood sugar is low so I will make sure I have enough for the 2 weeks. I'm taking a MP3 player for the long bus journeys as you can't be talking all the time and I'm really looking forward to the desert landscape and the rock art. What was your guide's name? Perhaps it will be the same person for this November trip. The guide books say that Libyans are very friendly people and don't hassle you unlike some other north african countries, so I'm really starting to look forward to the possibility of winter sunshine even if the nights are going to be cool.



Our guide's name was Abdoul. He knows everything! No hassle anywhere even when wandering around teh streets of Tripoli. Libyan people very friendly.

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