Kili - Rongai trek

Anyone else out there booked on this trip?

I've toyed with the idea of this for ages and finally decided to just bite the bullet and go for it.  I'm really excited (and also filled with a little trepidation)!  If anyone who has already done this trip happens to read this, any advice you can offer on training for the trek would be greatly appreciated. 



Hi Susan I am also boooked on this trip with four other friends.  My husband Mark, Friends Rosie, Mike and Mav. We are doing it to celebrate one of the group's 40 th birthday.  We have had it booked for nearly a year and can not believe it is nearly here!!!

Hi Karenanne.  Does that mean that you've got a year's training under your belts?  I needed a goal to work towards in a bid to regain my fitness after an operation this  summer, and this seemed like the ideal challenge.  Hopefully, it won't turn out to be one of the dumbest ideas I've ever had!  Have you done anything similar before?


You would think that we have all been training for a year but we are not that sensible and now we are all on panic training!! I have some friends who have done it and they say you walk really really slowly so it does not matter that we are not 'mountain goats'.  Mark and I did the Inca Trail in 96 but the altitude was not a high.  What sort of training have you been doing?  Have you done this type of thing before?

I'm walking a lot more (although I'm not sure walking the streets of London is going to make much of a difference). I'm also using a gym - mainly cardio machines and the occasional spinning class.

No, I've never done a trek like this before. The highest I've been is hill walking in Wales. Not quite the same, methinks! anyone else not wearing leather boots? I'm reluctant to invest in a new leather pair just for this trek and besides, it's too late to begin breaking in a new pair.


Hi guys, sounds like you've been doing as much training as me!  Also sounds like I'm not the only one who'll be 40 when we're away.  Not sure what I'm more worried about...


Hi all of you. I'm Glenda and travelling on 2nd Jan from Heathrow for the Kilimanjaro trek. I'm travelling with my daughter, Lisa. We have booked fairly recently and are now beginning to panic somewhat! We are trying to reach a decision on whether to take medication for Malaria as have had such conflicting advice as we are just doing the trek and then returning.What are you all doing?

Well, I've had a bit of a panic on the last few weeks.  My knee packed up 2-3 weeks ago, which means that my plans of upping my training came to nothing and it's been touch and go as to whether I could go on the trip.  My knee is better now, but I'm still not doing  much training yet on my physio's advice.  My daughter tells me that I don't need to worry as she did the Everest Base Camp trek with next to no preparation, but at 18, I think she has the benefit of youth on her side!  So, I think that I will be the person trailing waaaaaaaaay behind you all, bringing up the rear. 

Re anti-malarials - I'm taking them.  I've had malaria before (as a child) and it almost killed me, so even though the risk is small, I'm not prepared to take it.


Hi all- we also decided on Malarone in the end . I also fell two weeks ago and hurt my lower back so have been really worried about being able to do it as haven't been able to do any walking 'til yesterday when I put on my rucksack and walked up our local hill-there are a lot here in Wales!It went ok and my daughter has promised to help me to get my rucksack on and off if necessary! Am more nervous than excited at the moment!See you all soon

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