Anyone going on the Essential Peru trip 15th November?


It would be good to meet up with some fellow travellers on the long flight to Peru! I think there are 5 of us in total. If you are one of those 5, please introduce yourself... :-)




Hi Tanya,

I'm Ana, I´ll be on that long flight. It's the first time I'm travelling with exodus and I'm going on my own. I've just realize I have no idea what to pack, any suggestions?



Hi Ana,

It's great to hear from a fellow traveller! We should look out for each other at Heathrow. I expect we would be sitting near each other on the plane as Exodus usually block book seats. I've been on two other trips with them and I was sitting near my fellow travellers on the plane. It's a long flight and can get boring with no one to speak to. So come and find me...I'm Asian, 5 foot and have black-brown shoulder length hair and wear spectacles.

I'm packing a mixture of clothing - T-shirts, shirts, jeans, good walking boots, a couple of fleeces, waterproof, jumpers, a few nice tops and trousers/skirts and a pair of pumps for evenings(?), swimsuit, toiletries and plenty of underwear! Ofcourse camera, mobile and relevant chargers and the usual travel medical stuff - plasters, paracetemol, antibacterial hand gel/wipes, tissues, Imodium etc. Not sure if this helps or will be more frightening?! Really, I don't have any idea what to pack as I've never been to South America. People have mentioned the mixed weather conditions so I'm going for a mixture of clothing...

My friends have recommended medication for altitude sickness and as well as restaurants/ shops to go to. I guess I'm about as prepared as I ever will be! :-)

How are the pre-trip days going for you? Are you planning or leaving things till last minute and being spontaneous? Both are good options!




I'll also be on the flight from LHR to Schipol then Peru.  Not sure how sociable I'll be at 5am in terminal 4 though!

A few things that I take on this type of trip and which are easily organised are:

- Several bin bags (helps to keep things dry even if kit bag gets dropped in puddles/rivers, or left in the rain on bus roof racks)

- Small reclosable freezer bags.  Good for keeping passport/money etc in dry condition.  

- Photocopies of the key pages of passport and flight e-ticket that are kept separate from the originals.  Helps if/when things get stolen, lost or wet.

If you think from this that I'm a pessimist about the frequency of rain or other opportunities for getting wet on this trip, you might just be right!

Look forward to seeing you - I'll be the one (?) carrying a rucksack and wearing walking boots.  I guess most people flying at 6:30am to Schipol will be wearing suits and carrying the FT.








Literally booked this 5 days ago so a bit disorganised and judging by Roberts e-mail probably on a different flight - I leave Terminal 2 on IB3169 at 0620am (I think they are getting us used to the early starts).

Would be great to meetup (I will attach the Exodus tag) but be on the lookout for fair haired chap in need of a tan.

If not see you there ..................







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