Anyone going on the Nile Cruise Trip?

This is my first trip with Exodus and also my first solo trip, so I am a little nervous and looking to meet a few of the people that will be on the Nile Cruise in November.  Anyone??


Hi Emily,

I will be joining you on this trip, having signed up last week.  I have made quite a few trips, often solo, and have always met really nice people.  This tour as others will largely operate as a group, which from my experiences has been cohesive and inclusive. So, don't be concerned.  

Are you from the UK?  I am from New York.










I am actually from New York also...small world!  Phew!  I'm glad that there are other people traveling solo on this trip.  Can't wait to meet you.


I'm arriving in Cairo on the 14th at 12:15 pm.  Let me know if this is around the time of your arrival and if you want to meet up.  The scheduled transfer to the hotel in Giza isn't until after 4:15 pm, when the group from the UK arrives.





Meet up to go to the hotel together....


Myles - We must be on the same flight because I am arriving at the same time.  It would be great if we can travel to the hotel together.  But I will probably need to pick up my Visa when I land in Egypt, which may hold me up a bit.


Hi Emily and Myles,

We also signed up fairly recently for the Nile Cruise trip. It will be fascinating seeing seeing all the places I learnt about in junior school. We are travelling from the UK. Looking forward to meeting you in Cairo.

Gerry Poole 


Hi Gerry,

Thanks for your note.  Yes, it is much more memorable to experience things in person.

See you soon.





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