ANNAPURNA IN LUXURY -TNX departing 22nd Feb


Anyone else out there booked on this trip? Would love to hear from you.

Seems a long way off until you realise you have to pay the final balance next month! 


Hi Ann,
you already know I'm coming! Looking forward to it, I'll have to put a bit more effort in at the gym!


Hi to Ann and fellow traveller!

I don't know if you've received this already, as I typed it all out and then clicked the "Notify me of any updates to this thread?" link below and my original e-mail seems to have disappeared. Aaahhh!

Anyway, I am travelling on this trip with three friends that I met on the Explore 'Little Tibet' trip in June 2005. Alex and I have also been on the Explore 'Cuba Libre!' trip in January 2007 and now we're all travelling together again in another dramatic region of the Himalayas.

Both us girls are in our mid-40's and Mark and Nikki are younger than us (late 30's/early 40's.) All of the other three are keen and experienced travellers. I travel as much as I can - when my husband can't stand my yearning for faraway places any longer!

All three of my travelling companions are keen photographers and Alex carries round a large 'bum-bag' of camera equipment with her (yawn, yawn.) I have a point and click thing and will steal any of their photos if I need to!

We are all meeting up this weekend in Kent (Alex is travelling from North London but the rest of us live in Kent) and Mark has booked a table at a Nepalese restaurant (fantastic) so we can start getting in the mood whilst discussing what we'll take, vaccinations, optional trips, etc. etc.

Alex and I are travelling out to Kathamndu on 21 Feb. to give us an extra day to acclimatise and recover from the flight. I have spent too many first days on trips wandering around in a daze and 'wasting' that first experience of a country and it's particularly easy on this trip, as it's over a weekend and doesn't affect days off work.

Is there any information about yourselves you can give me before we all meet up in 4 weeks, 3 days time - or anything else that may help/be interesting before we meet?

Regards - and looking forward to meeting you both soon.


Nice to hear from you Caroline. Not long now-have been trying to get fit for the trip-walking and going to the gym as much as possible. I am 45, originally from Dublin but live in North Wales now. I travel on my own as my other half is a bit of a "travel phobic". Karen, whose post is above and I met on an Exodus trip to Peru last year and when I told her I had booked on this one she decided to join. Karen is in her late 30s. I will look out for which shots Alex is taking and then take them too -bit of a point and click person myself too! Ihave been to Nepal briefly a few years ago with Exodus on route to and from Tibet but manged to get stranded with both snow and riots so only saw a bit of Kathmandu and the Hotel!
Can't think of anything else at the moment-have a great time this weekend when you all meet up and enjoy the meal
Looking forward to seeing you all Ann



Mark is getting a bit worried he might be the only man going on this trip! Looking forward to meeting you Ann and Karen! Best wishes, Nikki

Hi all
looking forward to the trip and escaping work! I'm not getting as much time to go to the gym as I would like, but should be ok. Are any of you scottish - bird-loving types(?!) sorry - in-joke will explain when we meet up!

stewart farquharson

Stewart(me) & Anne are in their 60s. Ihope this reassures
Mark that he is not the token male. We live in Norwich so have no local chance to train on hills.When we booked- around October Exodus told us that there were 8 already on this trip, so there should be more - my guess is that they are likely to be older than you lot.
We look forward to meeting yo'all.


Mark will be pleased! We are 30 and 40 somethings. We have found out that there are 10 in the group including 3 couples. We already know Alex and Caroline as we met them on a previous trip and have been friends ever since. As you can read, there is another Ann and Karen. We are really looking forward to it, although we are struggling with the fact that Exodus have inofrmed us that the internal flight only allows 15kg inlcluding hand luggage! This is a bit of a nuisance as although we intended to trek light, we hoped to take some stuff for the orphange. We look forward to meeting you both, Best wishes Nikki & Mark

Glad you mentioned the 15kg limit as it's news to me! Will have to be careful what I bring or risk having to wear all my clothes on the internal flight! Karen

Nice to hear from you and looking forward to meeting you all. Was just trying to work out the packing when I read Nikki's post about the 15Kilos! New to me also Karen! I like Nikki was hoping to take stuff for the orphange but may now change that to a cash donation!- If you have not all seen it yet there is an interesting post in the arrivals section from a lady called Brenda who has done our trip previously.
See you all two weeks today!

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