Tigers and Cricket Tour with Paul

Would love to hear from fellow travellers going on this trip - with Paul Goldstein. 

It's getting close!



Well hello there Jackie!!


Final trip notes have arrived from Paul today - how exciting - lets get Christmas over and we will be on our way!  Can't wait.



...and hello back to you too!

Yep got mine today too. Have you been practising your cricket!!!



oh yes -I'm silly mid off!ll




Really getting excited about the trip now.  I hope Paul doesn't think I can play cricket - blind as a bat and very slow - I think I will be more use as the cuddly mascot!!

Nice to hear from fellow travellers.



Another Gill - how nice - look forward to meeting you - cricket - no - played at school (a very long time ago!!) and always got bored with it unless I was bowling or batting - but don't tell Paul!!

T'other Jill



We don't know ANYTHING about cricket but looking forward to another trip with Paul. Has anyone been to India before?? Any tips ? ( not to include any mention of cricket ! )

Hazel and Richard



Hello Hazel & Paul - join the club - cricket - played it at school years ago (not saying how many!!) so not my favourite sport!

No - I haven't been to India before, but Jackie has.  I went to Masai Mara with Paul and Jonathen Scott last year.  I have also been to Namibia and worked as a volunteer with Cheetah Conservation Fund, which was amazing.  Can't wait for India now - I am sure it is going to be brilliant.

Look forward to meeting you both.



Sorry - my last message should have been addressed to Hazel & Richard


Hi Hazel & Richard

Looking forward to meeting everyone.  I was in India in February and Bandhavgarh was unbelievably cold in the early mornings, so I will taking clothes that I can layer, gloves as well. 

I don't know how unusual it was but I'm not taking any chances.


.....not cricket !!

Hello to Gill and Hazel and Richard!!

Not long now - thanks Gill for confirming the cold bit - I went later, Feb/Mar time (2005) and it was chilly in the mornings but it did warm up during the day. Layers it is then!  

Guess we need to take something for the train journeys too! Also Jill has found out that we would be better off taking sterling and not travellers cheques etc.

 I also travelled to Kenya with Paul and Jonathon back in March - that's where Jill and I met!

Anyone else got any good tips?!?!

see you all soon!!



Do we need anti malarials or are the mossies frozen at that time of year??


H and R

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