Wonderfull experiences in Nepal - Classic Annapurna

kathmandu a total assault on all the senses as we arrived at the festival of Diwali and it was more crowded than usual!  Trekking not too difficult though many steps if your knees aren't too good.  Trekking poles supplied if you need them but I took my own.  High lodges provided duvet jacket, hat and gloves  as we watched the sunrise at 6.30 over the mountains - fabulous!  Electricity often only on for 3 hours a day  so make sure you keep camers batteries well charged - especially in Pokhara as there is no electrity at all in river camp.  Two of our members bought waterproof disposable cameras for the rafting which was a good idea and promised to share them with the rest of us - everything gets wet on this trip!  Packing an re-pacikng constantly as only limited amount taken on trek and only two days worth of clothes in small waterproof bag(provided for you) on rafting section.  We had very warm weather and I took too many fleeces and not enough T shirts - otherwise basic clothing OK - not much need for dressing up except maybe first and last night in Kathmandu!  A few delayed flight with Gulf Air were rather frustrating but to anyone who is booked on this trip - you cannot fail to enjoy the experience and come home with very happy memories.

Hi Brenda, I am going on this trip in Feb and reading your post has made me even more excited.  Can I pick your brains please? I don't want to take the exodus bag as my main bag from London as I have a long journey to the airport and want to use my soft bag with wheels-I was going to put the exodus bag in mine and repack in Nepal.  Will I be able to leave this somewhere while on the trek? What happens to the main luggage while rafting?

Also on the trek was going to take t-shirts, trek trousers that zip off to shorts and a light fleece with thermals for the nights-is this ok to you think?

Any other ideas-all would be greatly appreciated-Thanks

Hello again Ann. If your trip stays at the Royal Singi Hotel in Kathmandu, which seems to be the Exodus favourite, they have a left luggage facility where you can leave your main wheelie bag, and just use the kitbag on trek. Last time we were in Kathmandu (March) it was in the mid 20s during the day, and really pleasant T shirt weather. I guess it will be similar around the lower elevations further west. The thermals and fleeces only really came out over 3000 metres, and then only in the evenings because the walking during the days keeps you quite warm.

Hi Steve

Thanks again you are a mine of information! Have stayed in the Royal Singi with Exodus on route to Tibet and was aware of the left luggage but our trip notes mentioned leaving stuff in Pokhara while on trek. When on the Tibet trip we got stranded (both snow and riots) and had to be air lifted by helicoptor to the airport in order to make our international flights back and those who had left stuff at the Royal Singi only just got it back as it was taken to the airport for them but we only had minutes to meet our flights home.  Also will need some stuff for rafting and Chitwan that I won't take on the trek due to keeping weight to a min for the porter.  Thanks for temp info this was what I had guessed as it was March when we were there before but only got as far as Kathmandu.

Am busy trying to get fit in preparation!



Hi Annj,

Sorry so long in replying. Steve has given you the info on luggage, but from Pokhara your main luggage is taken on to Chitwan and you are provided with a waterproof bag for two days necessities which will go in your raft during the rafting trip. You are also given a bag for your valuables which will also go into a waterproof container on board your own raft - no problems here. The camping ground during the rafting is a wonderful place - but be prepared for insect life and make sure your have long trouser/long sleeves for this and the jungle bit especially during the evenings. I am still sorting out my 500+ photos - another tip is for someone on your trip to get a waterproof disposable camera for the rafting trip for action shots. Have a fantastic time - I'm sure you will and if your guide is Pasang Sherpa - it will be brilliant!

Hi Brenda

Thank you very much for this information-it has been really helpful. I have an underwater camera case which I will make sure to pack it so I can use my camera on the rafting If you don't mind more questions what clothes do you advise to take for the rafting trip? Is a swimsuit enough for the rafting or is it best to add short and tshirts while on the raft?

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