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I see we have 8 fellow travellers on this trip it would be good to know a bit more about you. My daughter and I are looking forward to this trip (and escaping our current damp weather).

See you on Sunday 21st



Hi Deborah

I am one of the 10 fellow travellers in the group. I am really looking forward to be on this trip to have something different during Christmas.

I have not done any preparation for the holiday yet. Do we really have to take sleeping bag with us? I need to find a room in my suitcase.

See you in few weeks time.






HI Hong, Nice to hear from you, I have sorted sleeping bags and baggage allowance is quite high so the bulk is the issue.

Are you travelling alone? My daughter and I are travelling up to Heathrow from the West Country but she only gets home from Uni a few days before so we will get organised then I hope.

Looking forward to some mild dry weather but not sure what temperatures to expect in the Sahara at night and in the mountains so will be prepared for some chilly night I think,

Have you been to Morocco before I went to the north 22 years ago- expect things have changed!

Look forward to meeting you


Hi Hong, Hi Deborah (and daughter)

My friend and I are on this trip. Am very excited. I'm definitely taking a 4-seasons sleeping bag and a few fleeces for the evening. Think that the days should be relatively mild, and we'll get quite hot 'cos we'll be walking... so layering up is the way forward I suspect. 

Can't wait to get away from cold, grey London for the (semi) warmth of Morocco. 

Look forward to meeting you both. 

Lee (girl)


Hi Deborah (and daughter), Lee (and a friend)

The list seems getting longer. I have never been Morocco before. I am very excited. I will be travelling on my own from Birmingham to Heathrow. I have bought some thermal underwear, fleece and a jacket. Will have to check the weather forecast the day before the departure, so I can be sure what else I need to take with me.

I am looking forward to see you all and other 5 unknown travellers.


Hong (girl)




Philip Thompson

Hi All,

I'm going on this trip and have previously replied to another thread posted by Charlotte Haig : -


I'm going on my own and I'd love to hear from any fellow travellers. Really looking forward to it - and very pleased to be spending Christmas in Morocco!


Hi Charlotte,

I'm travelling on this trip, it's my first with Exodus, first holiday of this type and first of any type in a long I'm really looking forward to it too!

I'm actually travelling out by myself slightly early so will have a day or two in Marrakech before meeting up in Ouarzazate.

Similarly, it would be nice to hear from any fellow travellers, especially if there are any who are arriving early and might want to share the bus trip from Marrakech to Ouarzazate.


So that's another 2 you can add to your numbers! Looking forward to meeting you all at the hotel in Ouarzazate.



Hi Deborah

I actually put a post below about this trip and got a reply, so that's another two of us! I'm coming on my own and really looking forward to being away over Christmas. Good to hear from you.




I've been wondering about what to bring as it sounds like temperatures might vary quite a lot. I've heard it may be warm-ish during the day but could be seriously cold at night - so I'm going for the 4-seasons sleeping bag, fleece, warm gloves, thick socks, some thermal stuff, and probably quite a lot of layers - long sleeved Ts etc - so I can peel off if it does get warm! Other than that, walking boots, trainers, sunnies. See you at Heathrow! C

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