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Anyone going to Vietnam on the 20th Dec.?  I am doing the Vietnam Adventure trip followed by Cambodia for 4 days with a friend. Flying via Bangkok, so hoping everything has calmed down by then. Would be good to chat to anyone on this trip.




Hi Wendy,

 Must husband (David) and I are on the same trip as you, although we're travelling out a couple of days earlier, on the 18th. Hopefully the Bangkok situation will settle by then.

 See you in Hanoi


Hi Wendy, my name is Suzanne and I'm travelling on my own. I'll be arriving in Hanoi on the 20th Dec, but I'm flying via Singapore.

 Am totally excited about the whole trip and can't wait!

 Look forward to seeing you there!



Hi Wendy,

We (Steve my husband and I) are going to be joining you on the 20th. This is our first time with Exodus and on a trip like this, so if you are a veteran, any pointers would be great. We are really looking forwards to it, but also wondering what it's going to be like. Our friends all think we are mad, but I think it's going to be brill. Wish we had the time to extend the trip into Cambodia like you, but I have to be in school on the 5th!!!!!

Hope to hear from anyone on the trip,



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