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I have never been to Cuba, but done the usual thing of trying to look up which is the appropriate currency for the country.

I see Cuba uses convertible pesos (CUC), but that American dollars are preferred.

Is one currency better to opt for than the other? Easier to come by? More widely accepted?


Hi Tim,

The currency is the Convertible Peso, but you can't get them outside Cuba and so it is best to take money for your trip in Sterling or Euros and then change at Havana airport. Our local guides are used to this and will wait for the group to change money on arrival.

US Dollars used to be a good currency to take, but a few years ago the Cuban government (in response to the US trade embargo) decided to tax all Dollar currency exchanges at 10%, and so if you are changing USD100, you would only get USD90 worth of Pesos in return!

There are ATMs in Cuba from which you can withdraw local currency, but you should check with your bank before departure to ensure your card is accepted - any cards issued by a bank based in the US will not work in a Cuban ATM.

I hope this information helps,, and that you have a great trip.


Tim (Exodus Americas product team)

I've heard that the best conversion rate to be had is at the Airport, therefore you are best off changing most of your money when you arrive. Can anyone else confirm this? Ta


You'll need cash as soon as you arrive, so it's ok to use the cadeca (money exchange bureau) in the airport. The rates are the same in all cadecas I think. Double check how much you hand over and how much you're given. In the cadeca in on of our hotels on a recent trip, at least two of us were short-changed (deliberately or otherwise), and no receipt was available. It helps if you speak Spanish - enough to count, at least!

If you're thinking of using a credit or debit card (non-American) to get money out at a bank, be prepared for hefty fees. Probably better to take cash, and take more than you think you'll need - Cuba's not as cheap as you might expect. Also, you can't pay for excursions organised through Exodus with a credit card.

Have a good time. Enjoy the mojitos ...

Muchas Gracias!


Can anyone recomend an average amount to take for two weeks in Pounds? Thanks.

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