Jordan 27th Dec - anyone out there?

Hi there,

Hoping to find someone else coming on the trip with me. I know you're out there as the trip is full!

Happy holidays



Hi Lyn

I got the last place on the trip, so am looking forward to it.

Anna Marie



i go out to jordan the week before.hope to post some info ASAP .


Hi Anna Marie

Glad someone is out there. I'm surprised as I thought I got the last place on the trip! We will have to discuss packing.


Where are you from?  I'm from the Midlands.

 Do you want to meet up at the airport? 

 Hope some other people post too. 

 Hi NWGale - will be great to hear about your trip.  



Hi Anna Marie and Lyn,

Looks like we are joining you in Jordan.  We had to take flights with BMI as the normal flights were gone, so we will be in Amman by the time you get there in the early hours.  See you for breakfast on 28th no doubt.

Have a great Christmas in the meantime.

Ian and Tracey Grant, Derbyshire. 



Hi everyone, looking forward to meeting you all.  Lyn - any tips on packing gratefully received.  Do we have to take a sleeping bag for our night under the stars?  I can't remember where I read this, I'll have to re-read the literature.

Happy Christmas and see you soon


Hi Everyone,

We are looking forward to the trip.  We are travelling to Heathrow from Somerset to join the group flight.

We hope to arrive by 13:00 so if anyone wants to meet up, let us know.

The sleeping bag was mentioned in the trip notes, just for the one night under the stars.

Be seeing you

Janet & Garry


Hi all,

Great to hear from some other people!!

 Janet and Garry (and anyone else on the group flight) I will probably be arriving at Heathrow between 12 and 1. Perhaps we can look out for each other inside the terminal once we have checked in  (if not in the queue). Apparently O'Neills is the 'in' place to meet up.  


Ian and Tracey  - I'm surprised again as I thought I was the last person to book and I got on the group flight! Hope bmi get you there okay. I keep having visions of the airport being covered in snow and all flights cancelled. 

Geraldine - I haven't really got any packing tips myself; I wondered what everyone else was taking. I keep reading lots of info about the weather but it seems to be quite mixed. The desert at night will obviously be freezing - I've ordered a heavy duty sleeping bag and have got my thermals. I think some other places will be quite warm - hopefully it will be warm enough for some swimming. So I'm taking some beach wear, some thermals and lots of layers. Not that I've actually started packing yet - just been thinking about it. Any advice gratefully received.  

Can't believe the trip has come round so soon.  

 See you all soon but hopefully we will all chat some more on here.




I'll be travelling from Dublin to London, I believe I was one of the last people to book aswell and therefore I am also on the BMI flight, so I'll keep my eye out for Ian and Tracey, and maybe we can share a taxi to the hotel?

I hope there won't be too much confusion with me and Anna Marie and our similar names!

 See you in Jordan



Hi Annmarie

 Good to hear from another person. It makes the trip seem a bit more exciting. Hope you have a good flight  - see you there hopefully.



Hi Annmarie,

I have alerady organised a taxi (through the hotel) to come and pick us up at the airport.  You are welcome to join us!  If you have not alreday looked, it is worth googling the nice little hotel we are staying in for the first two nights - Salome in Madaba.  It gets great reviews on tripadvisor for such an inexpensive place!  This is where I got the idea about booking a taxi from, for just 14JD.

Great to hear from everybody else coming on this trip too.  I'm sure it is all going to be great fun.

Cheers, Ian and Tracey


Hi Lynn

Roll on a week tomorrow. I'm from the Midlands too and travelling down from Birmingham Airport (flightlink) so will be at Heathrow for about 1 if you want to meet?





 If we don't see each other before shall we try to meet up in the area of O'Neills bar? It might be a bit after one depending on how long it takes to get through security etc. 

 At least we have all seen pictures of each other so we have some chance of meeting up with the right people. 

 Can't believe it is nearly here - I need to think about putting stuff in my bag. I hope I get my sleeping bag for Christmas or there will be some emergency shopping. 

 Hope everyone has a good Christmas. 




Hi, I'm on the same trip, and looking forward to it, despite being completely unprepared!! Have thermals and a sleeping bag, working on the rest of the packing. I'm on the Royal Jordanian flight at 16.15 from Heathrow T3 which I think is also a group flight, but not sure if its the same terminal as the BMI one?

Is anyone getting currency in advance??

Jenni x



Hi Ian and Tracey

 It would be great to share the taxi thank you. My travel agent had told me not to bother with the hotel, but it seems they were wrong! Hopefully I'll see you on the plane, I'll have  my exodus tags on my bag


Excellent idea Lynne, if we don't see one another at check-in, I'll be around O'Neills and keep my eyes open for everyone.

Jenni - I haven't been as organised as I should have been and ordered by money to pick up at the airport.

See everyone soon



What are you bringing currently wise - US Dollars or Jordanian currency?

Must admit have done nothing yet, apart from buy a sleeping bag!



 Nice to hear from you Jenni - perhaps we will see you in O'Neills.

I have ordered Jordanian currrency and must remember to pick it up on Tuesday.  I might take a few dollars as well.

 I'm hoping to unwrap my sleeping bag on Christmas Day so will be finishing packing after that. 

Has anyone else had their final joining instructions by email? I haven't heard anything for a while! 



Hi Lyn

 I got the e-ticket along with some baggage tags etc. a couple of weeks ago, did you get those?  The letter also had the name of our guide and the emergency numbers in case we miss the plane!!


I think my last reply disappeared! Anyway I'm on this trip and will see you guys at Heathrow (RJ flight). I'm flying down from Edinburgh in the morning.


Me again! 

Thanks for the info Geraldine - I've had the info and labels so guess I'm all set. As long as there was no email.

Hi Dave - good to hear from you - sorry you got lost before! See you at the airport- hope you have a good flight down



Hello Everyone,

looks like we will be a good group! To be honest we don't have a great deal of info so we can't add much to what has been said so far. We're on the BMI flight T1 at 1.30 pm and we just assumed somebody would pick up the whole group upon arrival at Amman Airport. We are taking sleeping backs (actually we were thinking we would need it for four nights) and various layers of clothing incl thermals. Re currency. We didn't think about it and won't have time to do it before the trip so i am afraid we will exchange it at the airport, which is never the best place to do it... I am already at my parents' home for xmas where i can't find a better picture of us. Hopefully somebody will recognise us anyway. We are very much looking forward to going to Jordan and to meeting all of you on 27th/28th!

Merry Christmas, Gavin and Marie

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