Are you on this trip?

Hello to anyone out there booked on this trip. As the trip is fully booked it would be nice to say hi to someone before we leave.  Only just over 3 weeks to go and counting!


Hi there -  I will be on this trip and countings days too  :-)  Currently in Cologne, meeting you guys over there.

Hi thanks for your reply. We are flying out of few hours earlier than the group flight and should be at the hotel by early afternoon, when do you get there?


Not sure yet. Actually spending x-mas with a friend of mine in Tunis so most likely going to the hotel early evening. :-)

Hello fellow travellers. Like yourselves I'm really looking forward to Tunisia, particularly as today is dark, wet and windy and I'm just getting over a heavy cold.  I've been cheering myself up by searching the web for places we'll be going and it all looks wonderful. I'll be arriving with, I assume, most of the group, on the flight from London. We should arrive at the hotel late Saturday evening. Have a nice Christmas; we'll be in Tozeur for the New Year!

Barry Walker


I'm also on this trip, arriving on the BA flight at 12.25 on the 27th, so I'll be in the hotel before the group if anyone else is there earlier & looking for a dinner companion.


We are on the BA flight too, Romy - so will look out for you at Gatwick.

Looking forward to meeting up with rest of group at hotel


Planning to get to the hotel later afternoon - early evening  - so dinner together sounds like a good idea.



Greetings from Tunis and a Merry Christmas! Weather has been fine so far. See you Saturday, have a save trip. Tatjana


Hi Marilyn - not sure if you'll read this before tomorrow, but I just did my online check in and will be in seat 6A on the BA flight.

See you soon, Romy

hi romy

 just got your message

we had to cancel last minute as my mum died suddenly

anyway there will be another opportunity for us to do the trip

i hope you all have a great trip - i am sure you will

What terribly sad news. Please accept my condolences.

Barry Walker


Oh, Marilyn, what a sad thing to happen this time of year when families are usually together.

Tatjana, I will look out for you at the hotel (or leave a message for you) in the afternoon so we can go eat together, I think I'd like to check out the medina in the afternoon as I don't see that on our itinerary.



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