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cuba la grande

Anybody out there off to Cuba for Xmas and New Year?


Hi, good to hear from someone on the trip. I'm on this trip & getting excited now - only 9 more work days.....bliss!

I'll be at Gatwick the day before as travelling down from Northumberland & there's no convenient way of getting to Gatwick for an earlyish flight. Am travelling on my own, so if anyone fancies meeting up to check in & travel together, please let me know.

 Looking forward to meeting you all.   


Hi, I'm going to be on the trip as well. Will be getting their early Sunday morning so happy to meet up if you want to check in together. Cathy.


Hi, Cathy,

Glad to "meet" you :¬). I'm hoping to be at the checkin desk/queue about 6.30 am, if all goes well. I don't know Gatwick at all so don't know where else to suggest meeting up. Will wave my Exodus label around at anyone who looks like they could be you. 

It's rained all night & day here & still raining....can't wait for some blue sky & sunshine. 

Happy Packing!





Hi, again,

Have assumed we're on the same flight....I guess we may not be.....I am on the 9.45am Virgin Airways flight....hence the early checkin.... 




Sorry for late reply - been swamped. In reality check-in won't open until 2 hours before the flight. Drop me an email at [email protected] with your phone number and I will call to chat and sort out.


Hi Cathy and Susan,

I'll meet you both at the hotel Sunday as I'm travelling Saturday via Paris (from popular Northumberland Susan...).  I don't suppose anybody else is arriving Saturday?

 Looking forward to meeting you and to a fantastic holiday,


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