Argentinan Immigration form

Has anyone  else tried to print one?  What country do UK citizens belong to?!!! Can't find us anywhere - help!



hi Philippa, I am on your trip too :-)  I was also finding this online form a bit un-user friendly.  I imagine we are "Reino Unido - GBR"  In the end I went down the list to find where GBR is mentioned.

I haven't completed my form yet, as I then got stuck on the question (they unhelpfully do not ask in english!!!)  which pops up "Conoce su vuelo de regreso?" Anyone help with this question? 

Perhaps see you at Gatwick (if you are on the same flight at 17:40)


Philippa A R

Thanks for reply Mat. Doesn't sound as though doing these forms in advance is a flier!! See you at Gatwick later today.  Am on the 17 40 flight to Madrid 


Philippa A R

I looked through the whole list too but didn't pick up on Reino Unido -GBR!! Thought I had thought of every option but missed out on Reino Unido!! Also, have no idea what Conoce su vuelo de regreso?" means!!


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