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tne gokyo etc

hi,fellow travellers,have anyone of you been on an exodus trip before,this one or other?looking forward to meeting the 8 already signed up for this trip.roll on.m

have a great xmas.

Hi there

Looks like we might be on the same trip - my partner Andy and I are booked on Everest BC & Gokyo departing 7th April. We've done a few other trips with Exodus - should be listed on my profile.

Training schedule kicks in after xmas!



hi, we sure on the same trip, you pair really have been busy with trips.looking forward to meeting you both,either at heathrow or on route.i went on the jordan trip this year;there were quiet a few travelling out there,so it was a good game of spotting the exodus people.

jordan was real good,sleeping out under the stars.don't think that'll happen this trip.

ive a friend who did this trip last year and really enjoyed it,the tea houses look quiet training has stopped at the mo,have the flu bug doing the rounds,ho ho,very christmassy.

roll on


Yes, always good fun spotting all the people wearing walking boots and/or carrying Exodus bags at the airport!

Jordan trip must've been great... think it might be a tad chilly for sleeping out under the stars on this one though! I've always wanted to go to the Himalayas and couldn't go without seeing Everest and visiting BC, though I've read people's reviews who say that the less touristy Gokyo part was the best bit and not to be missed. Bit nervous about the Cho La crossing day. It'll definitely be a fantastic experience. Does your friend have any useful tips/advice on the trip?


hi believe we are now 11,with 1 more deciding. apperently water becomes more expensive to buy as we ascend,along with beer.if you drink(the altitude makes a big difference with booze.i dont drink so thatll be ok).im taking iodine tabs,maybe exodus may supply water ,they did in the desert,but this trip is different. im not sure on your travel experience or knowledge,so if i pass on info you know,ignore it.maybe you could confirm or share your own.seems we have a 12kg weight limit on the flight to lukla(have you googled the airstrip?) the cho la pass is a tough day,either sterling or dollars are good over there with easy ish exchange,dont think there currency is available outside nepal. katmandu has an abundant supply of replica gear shops(cheap)

anyway,where are you 2 based? your travel cv seems busy,how dd you find the altitude,whats in your training regime.



hi all,looks like we're 15, 3 couples 7ladies 8 at the bazaar theres a german cinamon bun store to die for and a pizza it may seem odd to think of pizza, but after the trek it'll do me for a reward!!!!

iodine tabs? how many to take for the trip?

hows everyones training going, reckon nepals snow is here.


Hello, thought I'd come and say hello! Recently booked my place on the trip, infact I thought I got the last place but it seems there is one space left still?! Well having read your conversations I have just added a platapus to my shopping list this weekend (it seems to keep on growing!).


Looking forward to meeting you all!!

Linda x 



i dont know about you folks,but its getting a might close to play time,lol. i've being asking about the lugage allowance on the flight to lukla international airport, seems we're allowed 12kilos of hold luagage and about 4 kilos of hand lugage,phew! thank goodness my day sack isn't to be packed,more room for extra socks and sweeties.though i could always wear all my clothes for the 25min flight, ho ho.

anyone trying supplements/dietery improvements before they go.after mr moyles(of radiio 1) did his comic relief on kili,i heard they we're drinking lots of ginger tea to ease altitude sickness? any thoughts .


ps anyone travelling by train from the north on the 7th

Look forward to meeting you Linda.

Not long to go... getting excited and nervous now!! Went to Exodus talk on Friday and got chatting afterwards - was recommended Kilroys and Yin Yangs as good places to eat out in Kathmandu.

Yes, I'm planning to pack some ginger teabags. Also my favourite biscuit bars to nibble on. Going to lay all my stuff out in the spare room next weekend and hope it fits in my bag!

Just wondering how the trip went?? UnfortunatelyAndy and I had to cancel right at the last minute for medical reasons. Was absolutely gutted. Hope to re-book for next year after I've had an operation and am fit again. Would love to know how you all got on though.

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