AOF - Trails of Vietnam - 20th Dec?

Anybody able to join me on the forum? My friend and I are going to leave one day earlier (19th Dec.) to fly to Hanoi. Would be nice to hear from anybody about the trip or meet fellow travellers - it's thr first time I am travelling with Exodus.


Hi there- this is the second attempt to reply to you..... being a luddite, this is my first forum and I think I clicked on the wrong button!!! Also our first trip with Exodus- so we are really excited but also wondering what it will be like!!! Wish we could go out a day earlier like you, but school term dates don't allow. Have you done trips like this before with other companies? We haven't so if you've any pointers, that would be great!



Whoops, sorry- I have just realised that we are on a different trip! I didn't realise there were two Vietnam departures! Let's hope we both have a good time on our respective journeys- maybe we will cross in the airports! Enjoy.


Hi Magdalenka

I'm on this trip on the 20th Dec. This is the second time I will be travelling with exodus - I also did the Mont Blanc Highlights a couple of years ago. Bit apprehensive about the cycling as I;ve onlt been on my bike once this year!



Hi Everyone

I'm on the Trails trip on the 20th too. This is my first trip to Vietnam, looking at the UK weather at the moment I wish I was flying out earlier! See you all next week.



Al W

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would give posting a message a go.  I'm joining you all at the weekend.  Looking forward to the trip and meeting the group. I've been on a few Exodus holidays.  I'm travelling with Debbie, who has already replied on the forum.  We were on the same trip to the Alps two and a half years ago. 

 Off home to pack!  See you all on Sunday - or Saturday if we bump into you at the airport. 

 Al (Alison)


Hi All

I'm also on this trip = looking forward to meeting everybody

I'll be looking out for the exodus tags at the airport tomorrow

Time for frantic packing!



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