Festival au Desert, Mali

Hi folks,

I came wandering into the forum expecting there would be a thread up on the trip already (since I ususally get letters several days later than most!).  Since there's not, I am creating one.  I am curious about who else will be on the trip - though I guess we'll find out fairly soon anyway.... 

I'm 30, working as a researcher/doing a PhD at the moment, and will be travelling over New Year's in Senegal, joining you in Bamako on the 3rd. 

Anybody else want to join in on this thread?  Or drop me an email if you prefer, and if signing up for the forum is too much hassle: [email protected].

 Best wishes,




Hi there!  My name's Abi, I'll be joining in Bamako as well.

Can't wait to get away, I live in the Netherlands and am thoroughly sick of cycling to work through single-figure temps and rain / sleet!

So are you getting the same crazy looks as I'm getting when I tell people I'm off to Timbuktu... heh he!

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