Travling summer 09

Well i have decided upon my first 3 choices of locations to travel to next July/August..kind of, im looking seriously at the Zambia and Nambia treks and safaris, both of which will be in excess of 1,600 of your great british pound, but if money wasn't a problem, i would have different choices, first of which being the polar expeditions and the mountainous treks in Canada in the Rockies, which are about 500-800 pound more (sorry the pound sign doesn't work on my keyboard), so do i become more skint for the months im saving and go to somewere i have always wanted to go, or pay less and go to somewere arguably as nice but as my second options?

Some more questiosn i have are:

 1. I will be traveling on my own in a group, meaning no companion, friend, zilch! Has anyone on here done that yet? Whats the cameradre linke and is there any problems doing so?

 2. Whats the latest i can book a trip and have a garuenteed place, for example if a trip ran from 1st July to 16 July, can i pay in May or June?

3. Can i reserve a place on trips?

4. As a photographer, i will obviosuly be taking my camera, are most of the trips OK for me to do this, mainly lookking at the Canadian rockies, Zambian, Nambia and Morroco trips?

 I tryed to ask these questions by email via the contact links to the staff but i go no reply, so im sorry if it's in the wrong thread!

 I hope to hear from someone soon.

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