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I'm thinking about doing the Venezuela and the Lost World trip and have several questions that maybe someone from Exodus or someone who has done the trip could answer.  It says that during the dry season, it may not be possible to visit Angel Falls by boat (day 12) and that an alternative itinerary will be offered...what is this alternative itinerary?  Is it still possible to hike to Angel Falls and Sapo Falls (day 13) during the dry season?  Is there any water in these falls in the dry season? I'm asking because while it seems like it would make sense just to book the trip during the wet season, I'm thinking that the wildlife viewing in Los Llanos earlier in the trip would be much better in the dry season.  Is this true?  What is the best time to do this trip for the overall experience?  Thanks.

Hi Jill. It's a difficult choice! As you rightly say the falls are better in the wet - Sapo Falls will always have water, but the levels in the Angel Falls drop quite dramatically during the dry season and sometimes there is practically no water. If this is the case, then the alternative itinerary offered will generally involve visiting several of the other falls in the Canaima area which have a higher volume of water and are not so seasonally dependent. However, this is quite rare, and even well into the dry season it should still be possible to reach Angel Falls and hike to the base. Wildlife in the Llanos is more easily visible during the dry season, as animals congregate around the remaining water sources, but even during the wet season you will still see a large variety of birds and animals. If I had to pick the best dates of all our departures, then I'd probably recommend the late May/June trip (when rains should have started but the water levels in the Llanos should still be quite low), or the October departure (when the falls will have received plenty of water but the Llanos should be drying out again). The weather in the Andes has less seasonal variation, but the dry season is generally from October to May, so choosing one of these departures should also work well for the start of the trip. Of course it's entirely dependent on whether nature decides to cooperate with our calendar! Please feel free to call or email us for more info if you want to discuss the trip in more detail. Thanks - Tim (Exodus trip manager)


Hi Tim,  Thanks for your was very detailed and informative!  A few more questions, how far in advance would you guarantee a trip will be departing?  Do you have anyone booked on the May Venezuela and the Lost World trip?  Does this trip usually have enough to people to run?  I've looked at airfares and they are more expensive than I expected, and will likely get more expensive closer to the date... I'd hate to book and get an air ticket and the trip not run, or book now, but have to wait a long time until the trip was guaranteed and then can't afford the airfare!!  :)

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