Arctic Circle Dogsled Expedition Feb 09

I would be really grateful for a little more guidance on luggage for this trip ( I have read the information provided but feel I need more). Given that this is my first trip outside Italy and France. I just came back from the French Alps last week and boy was it cold there, I learnt a harsh lesson about frozen noses.

 I have no intention of forgetting anything for this trip. And yet I hate excess luggage.

Clothing - I have got thermals (good to -35), 3 x high wicking t-shirts, 2 x thin(ish) fleeces, 2 x salopettes, 1 x waterproof jacket, 1 x walking boots, 2 x ski socks and other general smalls. Am I missing something? Do I need my ski jacket instead of waterproof jacket cos it is a really thick and tight jacket?

Outerwear - Ski gloves, thin leather gloves, waterproof overtrousers, scarf, balaclava, wooly hat, ski goggles, sunglasses.

Please help!




I'm on this trip departing 18th Jan (I went on the Finish one last year).

They should provide you with thermal overalls, boots and gloves.

If your taking gloves then mitts are warmer and I would advise some hand / foot warmer packs.

Consider also a head torch plus spare batteries.

Swim wear for sauna.






Hi Emma,

It sounds like you've got all the bases covered and as is pointed out by Robert below we provide full Arctic clothing with insulated overalls, boots, mittens and fur-lined hat.

All the other clothing you mention are all essential to bring and given that you are bringing a waterproof jacekt and 2 fleeces the ski jacket can be left behind if there's no room in the suitcase.

I hope you have a great time and enjoy the mushing!

Andy Buswell (Trip Manager)


Many thanks for your replies, I feel more confident now. I am so excited about the trip and am counting down the days. I am currently sewing small fleece sacks for my things, to keep them seperated (an attempt at a filing system). Robert I hope you enjoy your trip and take care.



Following may be of assistance ………….
1) You will be travelling in the dark sometimes - so take a head torch and spare batteries.
2) Take hand and foot warmers (e.g. hot hands).
3) Take ski goggles especially if you wear glasses.
4) Take some treats (chocolate etc).
5) You can recharge batteries at the lodge in Ovre Soppero (bring an adaptor).
6) Mobile phone works up until Jarama.
7) Temperature can go very low so take plenty of warm clothes.
8) If weather is cloudy then temperature should not be too cold however unlikely to see northern lights.
9) Never used my vacuum flask on the trip.
10) Take a Balaclava.
11) Thermal overalls are provided along with boots, mitts and hat.
12) Make sure you take a holdall to keep all your sledge gear in.
13) There is no restriction on the amount of weight you can take in the sledge.
14) Book your luggage all the way to Kiruna but on arrival at Stockholm make sure you collect your luggage and take it through customs and re-book it on the Kiruna flight.
15) A walk round the Ice Hotel is very costly and in my opinion not worth it.
16) Use good quality rechargeable batteries for you camera – take some ordinary ones as well.
17) Use liner gloves with mitts.
18) Sleeping bags are provided (I took my own).
19) Sauna available at all stops except at Jarama.
Have a great trip

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