A week in Jordan 7 Feb 09

Hi - just wondered if there was anyone out there going on the February trip to Jordan?

Hi Sue

Yes I am and really looking forward to some warm days and beautiful sights. I havent done a lot of research yet and dont have a sleeping bag! Paulette 

Hi Paulette

I am also hoping for some warm weather - looking at the weather on the web I think it is up and down at the moment from 10 to 16 degrees!  At least it is warmer than it is here.  Look forward to meeting you - only three weeks to go and counting. 



I'm also on this trip. I can't wait! Less than 2 weeks to go so I'm starting to get organised now.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Got my suitcase out and thinking about what to take and wear. Still no sleeping bag!
Will be lovely to have sunshine.
See you in a week

Hi Maria and Paulette and anyone else doing Jordan. Do you want to meet somewhere at Heathrow before the plane takes off? My bus gets in about 11.30 (all being well) so will be kicking my heels for a few hours. Alternatively, it can be the usual "spot the Exodus labels"!


Yes, I think it would be a good idea to try and meet at the airport. I'm hopefully going to get there between 12:30 and 1. Any idea on where to meet? I know my first stop after checking in will be lunch but it will probably be too difficult to find each other in the food area, when no-one knows what anyone else looks like, as it'll be really busy at that time...

Only 3 days to go!!! :-)

Hi Maria, Sorry for delay in responding - I will look out for people with Exodus labels on their luggage - perhaps we will meet in the queue for checking in.
I don't know Heathrow that well to know where we could meet unfortunately. I will look out for you - I will be wandering around looking lost with a blue/grey rucksack, with Exodus label showing. See you tomorrow. Sue

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