Hi all

Would love to get to know anyone going on this trip.....decided to go as wanted to do something really specaial for my 40th birthday this year !!!! I know its a very long way off yet .....but who cares very exciting all the same. Drop us a line through here or my email address is [email protected]........


Hi there!

Me and 3 friends have just booked onto this trip also! And how funny that you have booked it for your 40th, its my 40th this year too so have been booking a few holidays, and thought this one would be a great way to end the year. Cant wait to try sleeping in an igloo haha!

So whats your name?


Jac hollands

Hi Louise, its good to hear from you......OMG yes what a wonderful way to spend a 40th Birthday I really cant wait !!

It would be lovely to get to know you and your friends before the trip itself as I am travelling alone...ha ha leaving hubby, boys and dog at home.....this little adventure is all mine !!!!

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get the chance to do anything like this ((((I hate the cold)))) lol ...but truly looking forward to it all !!!

My biggest wish being the 'Northern Lights' of course !!!

Look forward to hearing from you



Hi Louise & Jac, my wife booked this trip for us a few weeks ago. Originally our plan was for a trip to see the Northern Lights but this looked like a good idea as there are plenty of activities as well. Not sure that we have the right week for the Lights as I think the moon might be wrong - but don't quote me on that. This will be our second Exodus trip, went to Cuba in Nov 08 and had a brilliant time. Hoping that this trip is just as good! We did a bit of snow shoeing when we went to Switzerland at Christmas 07 and really enjoyed, I was the only one to stay on my feet so I'm expecting my come uppance next time. The cross country skiing looks like hard work but the snow mobiles should be fun. Look forward to hearing from you either here or on the email [email protected]. Cheers Graham.


dear, Jac and Louise and anyone else i've missed. 

just a quickie as i'm at work and lunch is almost over.  just to say hi, good to know that there's some fellow 40 ish year olds (bit older myself so i'll show you how to celebrate in style).  will def get in touch again soon to have a goss re what, why, when, where etc and it'd def be good to know some fellow travellers before i go.  travelling alone myself and although i'm sure i'd survive it'd be good to knwo people a bit before hand.  hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are today.  Regs



I've just booked this trip too - not like me to be so organised so far in advance but I think I got one of the last places left and didn't want to miss out!!  Look forward to meeting you all.



Just a quick line or two, I think this will a great holiday.  Is it possible for a group meet before we go to get to know everybody, I live in South wales but can travel anywhere if needed.

Hi there,  I am pretty sure I got the last spot- think someone cancelled (phew- lucky).  Can't wait, should be great fun and I'm sure there will be lots of laughs.  I am travelling by myself but will have to knock a year off to join the growing 40th club.  Fingers crossed for the northern lights.  Cheers, Lee


Hi everyone, just thought I'd say a quick hello to you all. Seems like ages ago when I booked this and now can't believe it is almost here. Tried to book this trip last year but left it too late so made sure I didn't miss out again!

Anyway, look forward to meeting you all soon.


Hi all,  Have to say i'm starting to get excited now.  Will be good to get away from dull greyness and see loads of snow!  Can't wait.  I think Graham's idea of taking a bottle in the luggage sounds a good idea as sounds like it might be a bit pricey and i'm sure a little tipple of an evening will be a welcome winter warmer after lots of cold outdoorsy stuff.

 A couple of friends are v envious of the trip and threatening to hide in my suitcase and for some reason when ever I mention the husky sledding to any women they go all big eyed and say awwwww!- must tell some more!

 take care all- Lee

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