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Hi.  I would love to hear from anyone who has booked this.  I've never done anything like this before (snow wise) or travelled on my own so anything to assist the nerves and hopefully prepare me as well as i can would be great!!!!  Thanks


Hi Leonie,
I think I am in a similar situation as you. I have never been away before (and tend to be abit quiet) but I've wanted to see the Northern lights from an early age. However I have had to leave my usual travel companions behind for various reasons which is abit sad as I wanted to share the experiences ahead with people close to me and for moral support!. Never done any snow stuff apart from 30 mins learner skiing 15 years ago! This is a belated birthday present to myself as there is no time like the present to do things and quite often the greatest regrets are those things that you don't do! So don't worry!
I hope to visit the reindeers (less scarey than sporty stuff) and will be camping out every night waiting for a glimmer of colour in the sky! Rather dreading it being so cold and will have to buy a nice balaclava. Can't believe its only 4 and half weeks away. Was going to do lots of exercises so not to ache too much but thats gone pearshaped. However I believe there is a hot tub there, so that might help. Another thing is I am a fussy eater so I really hope there will be food other then fish and meats. Will packtins of Baked beans! I hope I won't feel too sad and lonely out there but at the same time we might well be really pleasantly surprised and far too busy learning and seeing new things and from other reviews and from chatting to people it sounds really amazing with a brilliant mix of activities. Anyway got to get back to work.By the way, are you the same leonie that likes Level 42?

Hope to hear from you soon


Leonie Elderkin

Hi Jules!

Great i was beginning to think i was the only one going! I know - couldn't believe it when i told my mum it was so close! I'm looking forward to doing all the stuff thats specified and some more if possible as well as visiting some places if get the chance to. I'm sorted for the winter woolies as do quite a bit of walking but am trying to do some exercises in the vain hope that my legs won't seize up on day 2! I hit 30 last year and just thought life was passing me by so i vowed to do as much and see as much as i possibly could and so far i've been making inroads into my wish list! Northern Lights were way up the top to so i'm hoping we get some good ones! Been checking out weather and info about the place and country and i'm sure it will be a brilliant week. I'm sure fitness wise, food wise and activities will be all fine. Yes i am the Leonie who likes Level42 (how did you know that????????) Speak soon - my mail is [email protected] - i can't always access exodus. Leonie


Looking forward to this trip. We usually go skiing and thought this would be a great change.

Lots of snow, but as the weather here so bad, maybe a sun holiday would have been better! LOL :-)

Nice that they provide so much kit, save packing and weight.

Looking forward to active days and lazy nights in froint of roaring fire, with hot toddie and chocolate.

Northern Lights are a great show, and hope we see them again too.

We are packing as we speak, well Julie is and im doing this.

See you soon.

Ian & Julie

Leonie Elderkin

Ian and Julie

Any tips seeing as you seem to be seasoned snow people???????

I've never done any sort of snow adventure either as I never fancied downhill sking, but decided to give it a go as the mixture of activities sounded so great, plus the possibility of see the Northern lights. I usually do the cycling trips and am attempting to prepare for this trip by using the cross trainer in the gym instead of the bicycle.
See you all in 4 weeks. Sue


Dont touch the yellow snow!!!
We go on 1st Feb, so if we get anything to pass on, well post it here.

Ian & Julie


Im going on 15th so looks like we are all going at different times. I love adventure travel but equally have never done anything in the snow apart from managing to be on the last flight to land in New York before 26 inches of snow fell a couple of years ago.

I am so excited all the activities look great, I'm not banking on the Northern Lights and just seeing them as an additional bonus if we get lucky. I love photography so am busy reading on how best to photograph the Norther lights.

Leonie Elderkin

Ian, Julie and Becca - hope you all hav a great time. Can't wait to hear about it when you're back! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Sue - see you in few weeks. Are you travelling on your own?


I'm travelling with a friend its our annual trip, with the snow falling here in London as I type I'm really getting in the mood.

hi Leonie, I am travelling on my own on this trip. I'm leaving my partner at home this time as he didn't fancy this much snow. I just hope that Gatwick isn't snowbound on our departure date

Leonie Elderkin

Yes i was thinking that earlier but i'm sure it will be all gone by then. makes it better saying "in 3 weeks time...." when it's white here as well!


Hey...anyone travelling on the 15th Feb? x


We just made it out of Gatwick before it closed. Anyone should LOVE this trip, great mixture of adventure, snow and relaxation. You dont need anything!! But take some hot chocolate powder, and some wine, as the alcohol is VERY expensive!! Clothing is all provided and is good quality, some extra thin inner gloves may help if you feel the cold, and they give you the flasks for hot choc or tea!! Snow shoeing and skiing need only a bit of fitness, but the long hikes are hard work in the snow. The Igloo building takes all day and is knackering but great fun. Its all great, no complaints and food lovely. Minus 22 in the day, wind chill of minus 40!!Sauna and Jacuzi nice end to the end....you simply must try rolling in the snow after the sauna then run back in!!! Rukka was very cold we were told by those that went ther. Its very small. Skiing was ok, but not much else to do other than the extra trips organised. Ice climbing may sap the strength!!
Ian & Julie

Leonie Elderkin

Thanks for that. sounds like you had a good time. glad you all managed to get out before the entire country got snowed in and came to a standstill!!!!!!! Any need to sunglasses? Leonie x

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