Kenya & Tanzania - June 27 (AYK)


I booked to go on this trip last night. This is my first trip with Exodus and my first 'adventure holiday' so I'm both excited and nervous. It would be great to hear from anyone else that is going and shopefully we can get some correspondance stared before we all meet in 6 months!

Best, Gayle



My first adventure holiday and first time with Exodus too! Very excited, but worried about coping with the practicalities!

Best wishes



Have you done other adventure-type holidays with other tours before? I;m interested to know more about how they work....

 I too am a little nervous about the practicalities - I've never been camping before for instance! But I'm hoping it will all be part of the fun and I'm really looking forward to getting some great picutres and getting away from my Blackberry!


No other adventures! This is my first! I have been camping, but only in this country and not for so long. Are you travelling alone or with someone else? At the moment I am trying to get kit together; taking advice from people who have travelled when I can, but most of it is a shot in the dark! I just cant see how I can fit everything I need for 17 days into a bag that needs to be the size of something you would take to the gym (from the dimensions given on the trip notes)!


I'm travelling alone and I haven't got any of my kit yet or injections! I've just started looking into it all, but couldn't figure out why we need a head you know? There are so many out there and they are all built for different purposes so I'm not sure which one to buy. I'm certainly planning on investing in a good sleeping matress!


Not sure about the head torch either to be honest! Maybe it is to help you see where you are going if you are brave enough to get up in the night to go to the loo! I am traveling with my partner, very impressed that you are doing your first adventure holiday on your own! We are sorting out injections in the next couple of weeks, not looking forward to that at all. I see they changed the itenery a couple of days ago, unfortunately a hike that I had been looking forward to has been removed (I think it was day 8/9 that was changed). I agree about the matress - an absolute essential!


Hi there, I'm not on your trip but have done similar before. What you'll probably find is that after dinner in the evenings, and as you're getting up in the mornings it'll still be fairly dark (you tend to start morning game drives before dawn). The ground will be a bit rough and there won't be more than small lights round about. It's therefore useful if you have a torch, and it's so much easier to have a headtorch in order to keep your hands free...

I'm off to Kenya (with exodus, but a different trip) in a few weeks - can't wait...!


Thanks Mark that's really helpful. I have now bought a head torch and just got back from camping with friends over the long weekend and found out just how useful they can be! Enjoy your trip to Kenya...I'm also very excited! Only a month until my trip!


Just logging in to say hello. Looking forward to the trip - only a month to go now!



Hi Louisa!

Good to hear from you and look forward to meeting you in just a few weeks!


I did this trip last Christmas.  The camping is no real problem, although facilities can be limited. It's is fun to join in with the camp chores.  The early mornings are worth it to see the animals. You might be able to see some of my pictures with the rip information.

A torch is a definite, and don't forget the sleep bag (someone did on my trip and had to buy one the first day) it can get a bit cold at some points on the trip, but it gets hotter as you head towards Zanibar. Try to avoid taking too much, as space is limited in the truck.  Nobody will be too concerned about how you look as everything will get dusty (plastic bags for the stuff you are not using is useful.

Karen Budd

I just wanted to say 'Hi'.  I'm going with my hubby and it's also our first adventure holiday and we're both looking forward to it.  We're gonna have a go at packing our bags this weekend, mainly to see how much space we haven't got!  We're looking forward to meeting you all in just over 3 weeks time!




Thanks for all your information rteathers - very useful! It's nice to get a bit of insight before you go!

Hi Karen - good to hear from you. I'm very excited and can't beleive it's just a few weeks away! I've just got the last few bits of kit of buy and that's me ready....I just hope it all fits in my bag!




Just to say'Hi'!  Looking forward to meeting you all in just over a week.



Hi Francesca....only a week to go....very exciting!


I'll be the disorganised last minute one of the group then ... booked a fortnight ago, just about managed to get injections in time, kit shopping and currency buying tomorrow!

 It'll also be my first holiday of its kind, and my first trip on my own since I was 18. Excited and a little apprehensive. I'll be arriving in Nairobi the night before most of the group as I can't sleep on planes no matter how hard I try.

 Look forward to meeting you all.


Just noticed Karen (and presumably 'hubby') have the same surname as me!

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