Is anybody else booked on this trip?

Luke & Hazel


Hi Luke and Hazel - I am booked on this trip! I have also extended my stay in Zanzibar by a few days at the end to enjoy a bit of extra sunshine. Will be a bit of a contrast to the snow we have at the moment!

Have you travelled to Africa before? I have been to Johannesburg and Morocco but am really looking forward to Safari!


Hey Emily, I've been to tunisia before but no where south. Wish we had planned a few more days in zanzibar as looks amazing!! Are you planning on taking sterling or dollars? we cant quite decide what to take, everything seems to be quoted in dollars in the trip notes but it says everywhere accepts sterling (then we dont have to lose out on exchange rates twice! ) this time next week!!!! :O)


I was planning on taking dollars as this is what a friend recommended who went a few years ago. But will probably take some sterling too. Sounds as though either would be fine. Hope all your preparations are going well- I am struggling to find somewhere selling flip flops- think some shopping will have to be done at the airport!

Cool. Think we'll take a mixture too. I got bargain flip flops £1 primark!!!! Nearly packed, 2 days to go :o) h

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