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Kilimanjaro - Rongai Route, 13th to 22nd of feb

Hi there! Getting very excited now though more and more apprehensive! Not quite sure what I have let myself in for ... anyone out there feel the same?

Am joined by 2 friends as it's my 40th on the 19th ( don't worry, am not expecting presents!) so I guess I have an advantage over those of you travelling alone. Would be lovely to get to know some of you before the big day though.... as I have a feeling we'll all get quite close up there!



Hi Tina --
I'm getting pretty excited also. My name is Randy (no jokes) and I'm from California. Traveling by myself until I meet up with you guys.

It's not long now!



Hi Randy, good to hear from you. Will be great to meet everyone on saturday... approaching fast!!!



Best of luck to all of you. I've just got back from this trip (departed on Jan 30th) and had a fantastic time.

One piece of advice is just go 'pole pole' (slowly). We did and 10/11 made it to Uruhu. The person didn't make it unfortunately got back cramp in the leg on the last day.

If there is any other advice I can give, let me know.


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