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First cycling holiday abroad

Actually on the March one, but for some reason didn't let me choose that as an option. Is anyone else booked up? I managed to get round to booking it just in time before spaces ran out or I chickened out.

 I'm imagining it will be very very hot :)

Hi BigDStar,

Sorry if this is a repeat reply...not sure what happened to the first one I tried to post. Anyhow, I am also booked for the March cycling trip. In the midst of figuring out what to take, and what to leave behind. Looking forward to it! -Sally


Hi Sally,

I'm doing the same, can't figure out what to take yet. Need to make a proper list and go through it in detail. Some cycling specific stuff like camelbacks and gel seats still to buy, though may take my own saddle as well. Really looking forward to it now, can't believe its only 2 1/2 weeks away :)


I have bought a gel seat cover, but ride on the seats provided. I'll have to test out the seat cover on my own bike before leaving, despite it being a little chilly outside. Conditions a little different than SE Asia...



You aren't wrong, have been out cycling most weekends over winter and -2C is going to be different to 30-40C + humidity :)

I don't think you'll be needing any leg warmers! I did a good ride the other day to test out the gel seat as I've never used one before. I didn't really notice much of a difference, but I think its a good idea to have. Unfortutately, most of my 'training' has been on the stationary bike. I'll be leaving in about a week, arriving in Bangkok on Friday b/f meeting the group on Sun. A little concerned about jet lag. Perhaps a Thai massage will ease me in to the culture....


Massage sounds nice, think we'll probably need one by the end of the trip!

Getting quite excited now, but not ready at all, and not had the tickets through yet.

Huh? No tickets? Do you mean airline tickets? I'd be a little freaked out. However, I think its all part of the process, these last minute glitches. My Vietnam visa had my name spelled incorrectly, and had to be sent back this week...stay tuned...


Looks like its all e-tickets and they'd sent them to an invalid address, all received now. Think my visa is all okay, will have to double check now, though would be too late :)

Got most of my stuff ready now, just need a couple more final shops and a few trial packs of my rucksack and I'm ready to go.

Getting excited, though still nervous at the heat and distance. Hope to do a 50 mile ride this weekend to get the legs warmed up a bit more :)

So all is well with your tics. My corrected visa is waiting for me for pick up, so that's good too. Hope you have a good ride this w/e. We've just had fresh snow in the mountains here in Vancouver, so I'll more likely be snowshoeing and skiing vs. riding. Next w/e will be a bit different...


Just a bit, excitement building up


Well 18 miles on Saturday and 32 miles on Sunday. Not quite the distance we'll be doing, but the legs are getting warmed up now :)

Plus it was bloody cold, so I'm looking forward to a bit of heat, though perhaps not quite 40C!

Good for you for getting in a couple of rides! Guess you'll be at the head of the pack, I'll be having cool drinks in the support van. Just kidding! I played in the snow, and did some last minute shopping this w/e, and I think I'm just about stocked up to go. Always lots to tie up at the last minute. You ready?! -Sally


I wouldn't say ready as such :) but I do have a lot of things bought and ready, just need to sort them all out tonight and start test packing my rucksack. Not long now though!

I seem to have quite a lot of stuff, so will try to do a cull this evening. Suitcase is ok, right? ie, I didn't notice any bag restrictions, like there are on some of the other trips.


I'm sure a suitcase is fine, its not as though we are carrying them around. I just went for a rucksack because I fancied buying one :)

Why didn't I think of that? Just checked the weather forecast....looks like chance of thundershowers in the extended forecast for the region. Hope they roll through mainly at night.


I'd noticed the thunderstorms, might be interesting, still very hot though.

First test pack of the rucksack last night, not sure I'm going to be needing all 7 pairs of shorts ...

Will try again tonight a few times I think


Ha ha you folks chatting have me excited and its still a month to my trip.

High temps + Humitiy (google 'apparent temperature table' and plug in some values to scare yourself!) + excercise is a recipie for heat related issues .. Well worth reading up on symptoms of heat cramp/exhaustion in adavance..

Electrolyte rich hydration salts will be essential, as there is going to be a huge amounts of fluids in .. perspiration/salt out !

Hope there are no long climbs on the trip !!!!


I have some diorylte packed, but a bit worried about quite how hot it will be. Mind you, I could be going in April when it's even hotter ... erm lol :)

How nice to have you join the conversation! Though there are not a lot of reviews of recent trips to the area, fortunately the ones I have read have made no mention of cyclists passing out. Perhaps we can take comfort in that :o). Descriptions of eating fried bugs, however.... In any case, I have some electrolyte replacement tabs as well. I leave tomorrow for the marathon flight(s) to Bangkok. Guess I better get packing.


Yeh its a pretty long flight for me too, leave 9am Saturday get there 7am Sunday ... ouch

Blech. As far as you know, are you flying out with 'the group'? What time is your return flight home from Vietnam?


Nah, I booked to late to get on the same flight as everyone else, think I arrive before them though.

Looks like I fly out of Saigon at 20:00 on 21st March

OK.....see you with the group at the Royal Benja on Sunday.  Safe journey!


Cya Sunday, safe trip


Cya Sunday, safe trip

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