Anyone doing the China trip departing 9/5?  Drop me a line.





Hi Vera,

We are part of the China group. Only 7 weeks away, now, and we are really looking forward to it. We went to Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia with Exodus last Feb/March and had a great time.

Judy & Dick


Great to hear from you.  Yes my friend and I went to Japan last year with Exodus - well reccommended.  My Chinese visa arrived this morning - very excited! 


(PS - you may get this message twice?! the first message I posted seemed to fail...)




I am on the China trip too.  Really looking forward to it - and to meeting you all.  It is my first tour with Exodus and my first trip on my own - so I'll be really nervous by the time I reach the airport!

Speaking of which, I am keen to hear from anyone who is flying from Heathrow and might be interested in meeting in the bar before heading to the departure lounge!??!

Counting down the days.....



Hi Dalveena

Happy to meet in the bar at Heathrow.  I'm on my own too.  This is my 2nd Exodus trip - went last year with a friend to Japan - it was really good and there were a few people on their own (hence my trying it this year!!)  You'll be fine!





Hi Vera

Great news! Will be fab to meet up before the flight.  I'll drop you another line once we get the tickets through and know for sure what time we need to be there.

Anyone else want to join us?!?!!!!

Not long now...


Hi Sharon

Firstly sorry I missed your real name on the last post!??!  

I'm now staying at Heathrow airport (Sheraton - bargain rate via Exodus!) the night before if you (or anyone) are around for a drink - otherwise see you on the 9th!

 Speak soon



Hi folks,

Sorry we haven't sent any messages after the first one - I hadn't ticked the correct box so didn't know there were any more posts on this thread.

We should be at Heathrow in good time on 9th May and will probably be glad of a pre-departure drink - but the departure area is huge so we may have difficulty meeting up. I have at least uploaded a (joint) photo, so you know what we look like. See you on the flight, if not before.

Judy & Dick

Cy Tollivar

Hey fellow travellers,

My cousin and I are also on the May 9 trip and we are both really looking forward to this adventure.  Only 9 more days left of work 'Yay'  Looking forward to seeing some fantastic sights and meeting some great people.

Like the idea of meeting up for a pre-departure drink :-)


Hi Guys

Just a quickie - has anyone had a typhoid jab?? Getting mixed messages on how essential it is where we're going.  Guess its best to be safe...


Hi Sharon

Thanks for your note.

I've since booked to get the typhoid jab.  The trip notes said nothing was mandatory but then starting advising on a I guess I wasn't crystal clear but have decided to err on the side of caution and will soon have the full set!!

I'll email you my mobile number.  My email is [email protected].

Sooooo excited!!






Hi Dave

I went through this one with Nomads too and they said it is low risk for Malaria in the river areas so to use 50% deet 24-7.  I have some stuff to treat my clothes as well as for skin - i hope they're right because i get bitten by everything!!

Thanks for the update re cash.  I think i'll go with the dollars + Nationwide card option too!

Do send your number...... 

Man - 8 days, can't believe it!



Hi everyone

We're  happy to meet up at  Heathrow - I'll e-mail Sharon with my mobile number.

Our practice nurse said not to bother with typhoid or malaria - she did look at a map and check exactly where we are going - so we'll have to keep our fingers crossed and slap on the Deet.

We're taking dollars and some travellers' cheques as the charges on cash withdrawals looked a bit excessive.

Can't believe it's so soon now.......

Pam and Alan  

Hi Sharon/all

Ref cash ... I emailed Exodus as to whether TC and/or US dollars were best and was told to bring a few hundred (??!) US dollars as TC are more ltd on where they can be exchanged.  I'm sure a bit of both will be fine though.

See you all soon....can't wait!




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