When is the overall best time of the year to attempt Killi?  I'm thinking of doing it this year but can really only manage dates in October.  I know that's just before the rains start, but I guesss it'll still be very cold then - any ideas, advice anyone?

Any comments much appreciated. 


I can only go from the advice I read in Henry Stedman's Kilimanjaro book (which is excellent by the way!) which is that on the inland plateau it is 20-26c between June & August, and soars to 30c between December & March. However the mountain seems to have a weather system all of its own, and you're warned that you'll probably go through all 4 seasons on the way up! I've just booked for the Northern Circuit on 24th August and I'll be packing an interesting array of clothes! ; )

Anyone who's actually done this trek will probably be able to advise much better than me though.


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Like with many mountains, or ranges, Kili has it's own weather systems and Jackie is right in saying that you will go through every season on the way up.

Although traditional wet and dry seasons are a great guide to when to climb and when to avoid, weather patterns are not as stable as they were years ago and rain can fall at most times of the year. If rain falls on the lower slopes, the summit may be above the cloud level and in bright sunshine, or the precipitation may be falling as snow!

We avoid the worst weather in our scheduling of climbs, so at any time of the year you shouldn't experience prolonged periods of rainfall, and any showers or storms that pass through should be followed by clear skies.

Dec-March is generally warmer on the lower slopes, but can also bring increased precipitation as pressure builds up - you simply have to prepare for everything! Layering is key when choosing what to pack.

Sorry we cannot be more specific, or say x or y is the best time to climb - if you are after the best chance of stable conditions then choose late January or September but prepare for the unexpected!

Have a great trip.

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I climbed the Rongai in September 2000 and we had fine weather all the way. It was cold at night at Mawenzi Tarn and Kibo so a 4 season bag and down jacket made life a lot cosier.




Did Kili in August, though cold each night, each day was sunny, one day was overcast. A few drops of rain that turned into hail but nothing prolonged really. Don't know if we were lucky but it was great weather overall ie mostly dry and sunny!

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