Tijhza Volunteer Trip

All signed up, but I'm a bit concerned that there's so much snow here I can't get started on my football practice! Counting down the days already!


Just signed up, a bit of a late decision, but really looking forward to it.  Have you been before Beverley? - if so it could be your review that swung it for me!

I could never get the hang of netball rules so not much chance I can do any better with football!



Hi. great to hear you're coming - only three weeks to go! It's my second time to Tijzha, it a great project and I'm sure you have a brilliant time. I can't wait to get back there. Have you been to Morocco before?

Hi Bev

Have got my goalkeeping gloves packed. Think Richard will have to be be our defensive kingpin and Andy our star striker so that must make you midfield general!!


Hi Pedro

I think we are definitely in need of your goalkeeping skills.I think maybe this year we should be playing downhill instead of uphill?  Are you taking the group flights or making your own way there? Suzy and I are flying Saturday night so hoping to get a good day of bartering in the souks on the Sunday. I need to do a practice pack as I've no idea how I'll get everything in!

See you soon


Hi Bev - I gather they have levelled the pitch since we were there last so we will just have to rely on our skill - drat!

Didn;t you do a practice pack last year - you should be an expert by now!

Yes, am booked on group flight so see you there! 



Wow I'm impressed that the pitch is levelled. Practice pack complete and I'm keeping the bag closed, since one of the compression bag keeps losing it's compression powers. I'm hoping Suzy has space because I couldn't get everything in and I haven't actually left any space for any of my things. Oops.

Did you find a good deal with a budget airline? I couldn't have gone day before as West Ham playing Chelsea and I can't miss that! Have case load of teddy bears and kiddies clothing - hopefully can fit in spare pair of socks for myself!!!



The teddy bears are fantastic! We are flying direct from Geneva to Marrakesh, the flight were looking quite pricy but Suzy managed to find a great deal, but the only cheap fares were to extend by a day either side. We haven't actually got anywhere to stay the first and last nights as yet, but still plenty of time!


Hi Beverley, no I haven't been to Morocco before but have been to Tunisia and Jordan (and loved both) so have a rough idea what to expect.  Like the others I've been trying to do a test pack and swapping bags round to get it all in - double baggage allowance sounded a lot until I got it all together!  I had thought of getting a cheap flight from Bristol but it would have landed me in Marrakech a day before everyone else which I didn't really fancy so am going with the group.  Hope you've found some accom for your extra day - maybe the hotel we are booked into would sort you out.  Anyway, see you there.  Jean


Hi Jean, Thanks we are all sorted for hotels now, still can't believe it's only Saturday and we travel!

See you at the weekend.


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