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Desert and Delta

Hello there!! Is anyone going on the 'Desert and Delta' trip in June???


Hi Hayley,

I am thinking of doing this trip. I wanted to go at Easter but they cancelled that one as no one had booked so I was gutted!

Are you doing the Botswana one as well?

I went last year on the Gorillas and Masai Mara trip and it was amazing.


Hello there Mel :-)

I'm an almost deffo for this trip but looking at the climate during that time it sounds like it gets a bit nippy. Saying that though, I've looked on the net and it says that June is by far the best time to be doing the Delta with regards to animal spotting. I've not done a safari before and it's taken what feels like a year to find one that is a guaranteed departure.

I was booked on the Botswana one but it got cancelled so I was moved to the April one but that got cancelled and then found a good one late Feb which had a guaranteed departure but work would not let me have the time :-( So, back to the drawing board.

If I go on this one then I'm going to go on the earlier of the two dates in June. Two weeks can make a fair amount of difference on night temperatures I think. I already have my sleeping bag though.....

Let me know how your planning is going. I'm a single traveller and it's always nice to go on a trip with plenty of other people. I have only done one group trip about 3 years ago with other proffessionals and teachers. We did Ecuador and it was such an amazing trip!!!

Hope to hear from you soon and what your opinions / thoughts are around this trip.


Hi Hayley!
I've just had a look at the climate for Namibia in June and I think it will be ok. The days seem nice and warm but not too hot which is good - too hot and the animals don't come out :)

I did the Gorilla trip to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda in Oct/Nov last year and I think the temperatures will be around the same. In the evenings it did get cooler, but you just need lots of light layers - ditto for the morning. I took 3 jumpers but really only needed one or two, although that was more for cleanliness purposes!

As long as you have a decent sleeping bag as well it will be fine. At night I just slept in normal PJ's with my bag and I was never cold.

You haven't had much luck have you?! It will definitely be worth it when you finally get there.

I'm definitely leaning more towards this trip at the start of June - I think I will check it out with work!


It's so good getting some banter going on about all this. My mates are sick to the back teeth of hearing about it all and are almost at the point of making the phone call and booking it just to shut me up :-) I've already got my holidays booked off; didn't want to fall foul like I did on the last one. The temps sound like they are at the best for us seeing the animals then and that makes me happy. I'm gonna get the trip booked on Monday when I've got some spare time. At work at the moment.....naughty!! Hope you can get the time off!!!!!!


....I'm definitely going to see about getting the time off. You're right, it's nice to chat to someone who might be going before you get there.
Last time I got chatting to two other girls before we went and it really made the trip - we're all fab friends now!

Whereabouts are you? I am near Marlow in Buckinghamshire.

Am thinking booking this trip is just the pick me up I need right now!

How exciting?!

Well get that boss of yours sweetened up and get the days off. Whether you do this trip or another we all deserve a treat every now and again and I've been saving up for this one for a year; all those dresses and vodkas missed had better be worth it..... My mind is made, I'm booking it :-) I've been dithering around for too long. I'm in Hull (born and bred), Yorkshire but in June I'll be floating around on the delta, storming down sand dunes on a quad bike or trying not to yelp with joy when I spot a giraffe in Botswana or Namibia (chuckle chuckle). Good luck with getting the days off lady and if you don't, pull a good old girlie strop and stamp your feet!!! :-D


....Monday's mission - get time booked off work.

Let me know when you book!!!

OMG this is so exciting!!!!

Deposit in the post, smile on my face and little dance is going on in my feet. Whoop whoop!!!!!


........I asked my boss for the time off and he can't guarantee it at the moment :( I have a project which will potentially be going live in June....mucho problemo for booking hols!

It's not a definite no but a watch this space. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

p.s V jealous that you have booked!

.....nooooooo that's terrible news for you :-( Sounds like you are having the trouble that I had earlier this year, that's pants! Bodge it up so it runs into July.......

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