AEJ - Petra and the Pyramids

Just thought I'd say hi to those going - think there's 6 of us on the trip last count. Trying to work out how cold it will get camping in the desert?! Are you all leaving from Heathrow?



Hi Jos
Me and my friend Susanne are going on this trip, we are leaving from heathrow on the exodus recommended flights.
I think it might be quite cold in the desert, we are taking 3 season sleeping bags, and will sleep in our jumpers if we need to!! But then warm in the day, quite difficult to pack for!!

Hi, I'm coming too and leaving from Heathrow. Getting quite excited now! There were 6 on the trip when I booked, so we're at least up to 7 now.


good to hear from you guys - not long to go now - counting down the days whilst sitting at work...! :)

yes not long to go and I must get organised! It would be good to meet up with you guys at the airport - does anyone know a suitable meeting place?

hi guys! last day at work - hurrah!! :)

dont know heathrow T1 very well - but i will try and look for exodus bags and bag-tags!!

if it helps - i've got a blonde ponytail and red rucksac!! - see how many of me you can spot b4 you get the real me!! best of luck! see you all soon!

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