Kilimanjaro: Northern Circuit TYN (24th August)

Anyone else going on the Kilimanjaro trek from the Northern Circuit, starting 24th August?



Hello Jackie. We met at Heathrow on the way to Jordan, but we were on different trips-you had the Dead Sea, we had the desert. We did Kili in '05 with Exodus after a safari in Kenya, and it is an amazing climb, and a fantastic view from the top. We climbed by the Rongai Route but you have an extra day, so go slowly, drink plenty, listen to the guides (pole pole is the first Swahili phrase you will learn) and you should have no problems. A few pictures from the trip here...
Have a good one-we're off to Nepal for the Annapurna Circuit in 2 days.


Hi Steve

Great to hear from you! Ah Jordan, I loved that holiday (Petra was mind-boggling), even if I did take the easy option!

Thanks for the advice about Kili. I can't wait to go, and this definitely won't be the easy option (unless there's a lift?!). But if Chris Moyles can get up it, I reckon I can!! I shall check out the website so a big thanks for that.

Have a fantastic time in Nepal. I believe it's fabulous. I have a huge list of places that I want to visit, but Kilimanjaro was just begging to be done!



Hi Jackie. You believe right-Nepal is fabulous. You definitely need to put it at the top of your list for the next trip. This will be our 2nd trek in Nepal, and we can't wait to go back. We've been following the Comic Relief Kili climb on the BBC-I bet it's giving you itchy feet already......


It was (I'm also hoping to raise some dosh for a charity) until I heard that they're all struggling to breathe! I'm filling my rucksack with chocolate and oxygen!! ; )


Hi Jackie.  I'm waiting for confirmation from Exodus as I'm transferring from another trip, but expect to be joining you on the Kili Northern Circuit and can't wait.  I did the Kili Rongai trek in January and loved every minute.  Sadly though, I developed breathing problems so was advised to turn back at Stella Point.  I was disappointed, but it has given me the opportunity to go back to a wonderful country and climb this fab mountain again by a different route, allowing myself more time to acclimatise. 

Someone has already mentioned pole, pole as a key to success.  Another tip for success is taking in around 5 litres of liquid (soups, water, etc) a day.  I suggest getting used to that (remembering that it is possible to overdose on water!) before going to Tanzania.  See you in a few months.


Hi Susan

 Great to hear from you.  I hope the transfer onto the Northern Circuit comes off and you'll be joining me clambering up this big hill!  I chose this one because it has extra acclimatisation time hopefully increasing chances of hitting the summit.  If Moyles can get up, surely we can!  Pole, pole, and drink, drink seems to be the order of the trip.   5 litres?!  Crikey, I'd best start practising!  Look forward to seeing you in August.  I'm excited about the trip already!!  Jackie


Hi Red.  Just to let you know, I will definitely be clambering up the hill again with you.  No doubt we'll "speak" again before August.  Good luck with your preparation and feel free to get in touch if you've any questions.



That's great news!!  I got a call from Exodus today to say the trip is confirmed as there's now enough of us to go.  I'm now excited.  We're really going!!  I haven't yet thought about kit, but I'm sure I'll have some questions nearer the time.  First thing  I suppose is to sort out the visa and get stocked up on anti-malarials (ugh!)!




I will be going. Unfortunately I started another forum just now without realising this one was already going. Anyone know how to delete a forum?




Hi Nick

 Great to hear from you.  Well, that's at least 3 of us clambering up a big hill!   How's the preparation going?   I don't know how to delete forums.  I think if you notify Exodus, they will delete it for you.  However, no problems in keeping both of them going - we might pick up some others who are joining us.  Look forward to meeting you in August.  If you're flying from London we can meet up in the airport if you want for a drink - it might be the last one we get for some time!! ; )


I am going to be doing most of my preparation on the plane on the way over. I have a plan that if I slip the pilot a tenner he might lower the cabin pressure or perhaps let me stand outside a while to get used to the altitude!

As far as meeting up is concerned I am not sure at this point what flight I am going to be on as I may already be over there with my nephew (who is also comming up the hill). If I am on the Monday flight though will be sure to let you know and we can meet at the bar.



Hi all.  Sadly, I've had to pull out of this trip and rebook onto something else later in the year (Toubkal, winter climb), so unfortunately, I won't get to meet you this time around.  I'll be thinking of you!  I'm sure you'll love it.  I certainly can't wait for another opportunity to climb this wonderful hill.  Have a wonderful holiday...I'll look out for updates on the appropriate forum.


Hello all

Sorry to hear that Susan. 

Booked up about a month ago. This will be my first time on such a big climb/walk. Very much looking foward to the trip. See most of you at the airport.

all the best, Jo 




I asked about the Visa, you can get it upon arrival but you need two pasport size photos (if you are a UK pasport holder).

Cheers Jo 


wow, the annapurna circuit in just 2 days, thats going some


Hi All

Great to hear from you Jo.  Yes, Exodus advised me to get the visa when we arrive.  Thanks for the reminder about the photos.

Really sorry to hear you won't be coming on the trip Susan.  I hope you get another trip sorted.  We'll be thinking of you.

I love the idea of prep by a spot of wing-walking! Do you think we can bribe the pilot to let us all have a go??!

Anyone who wants to meet up at the airport, how about O'Neills, before the flight?

Starting to get excited about going now! 




Just starting to get things togther. I have just got myself a 4/5 season sleeping bag... need to sort out my duvet/jacket.

Are most people coming back on the group flights? I plan to spend an extra week after the hike.

Cheers JO 




Hi Jo

I'm coming back on the group flight as I'm back at work (I'll be snoozing under the desk!), although I think an extra week is probably a very good idea!

I'm also trying to get my kit together.  I have the sleeping bag and have borrowed someone's duvet jacket.  I've walked everywhere in my boots to get them thoroughly broken in - even around Sainsburys!  Just picked up the anti-malarials, and now on the hunt for thermals and a cheap watch that glows in the dark!


Almost going!  Hurrah!  Looking forward to meeting you all on Monday.  I'll be hanging around Terminal 4 (long red curly hair - can't miss me!) with my Exodus bag!  I think there's an O'Neills inside the terminal.  If so, I'll be in there having a medicinal wine!

See you all soon!




Hi there, Looking fowrad to meeting you all tommrow.  O'Neils sounds like a good idea.... I'm really OCD about being late for flights on big trips so I will be there for the start of checkin.

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