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AUPR - Anyone going to Panana/Costa Rica / Nicaragua (departing 28th March)


My partner and I are booked on this trip and I would be interested to hear from anyone else who's booked on this trip, particularly if you've received anything that might be described as "customer service" from Exodus thus far. Having booked 2 months ago and paid £4000 - by credit card - (I've accepted the increased charge in exchange for another avenue of recourse) I've yet to receive anything but a cheeky phonecall and some emails from Exodus. Tonight I note that they haven't even set up the trip on the drop downs below to classify my post. Must find the names of the complaints manager and MD of Exodus area, I fear I am going to be a thorn in their sides.

I'm on a bit of rant now but its very disappointing and doesn't bode well for the trip. What's particularly upsetting is that I booked with Exodus after a couple of great holidays a few years ago, can only assume that customer service went out the window when they were bought by TUI. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm an experienced independent traveller I'd have bailed out of this trip by now. I just hope that assuming we get to Panama, Exodus starts demonstrating some value for the money I've paid them, else it'll be back to independent travel for me.

On a more positive note, I'm a great enthusiast for South America, though don't know Central America well at all -  have just bought the Lonely Planet guide book to the region and am excited about all the possibilities it has to offer. 

Look forward to meeting felow travellers,






 Update of Sunday 15/03/09

Well, at least we have now received final joining instructions - by email, which means that we've never received the promised (in trip notes) "General Information" booklet either.

It would seem that Exodus have stopped sending out anything in the 'snail mail' post whatsoever, if so, then I would wholeheartedly approve of such a move on environmental grounds, but at the same time I would have to note that doing this while not informing your customers is quite simply appalling customer service. I have never before spent over £4000 without receiving some form of paper receipt, I am extremely displeased. 

I am also flabbergasted that this forum does not in any way appear to be moderated - I rather expected that my above post would either not be posted and/or I would be contacted by Exodus to sort things out. But not a word - and my admitedly rather grumpy comments remain for all the world to see. This is a rather serious ommission on their part and perhaps worth a note to the Auditors of TUI Plc.

 Anyway, with the final joining instructions and a little Google time, I beleive I have identified the sub-contracted tour company in Panama and - I think - our guide (the subcontractor appears to be a one man band who's just recently set up shop in Panama). Perhaps I'll try contacting him directly to say hello.

Still looking forward to this holiday, but increasingly disappointed with Exodus as company.


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