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Namibia Adventurer 14 August 09 - Are you going?

Any families going to Namibia on 14 August that want to make contact?

 Neill Butler



We're delighted you've booked.  We've been sitting on the edge if our seats waiting for someone else to book and had begun to run out of hope!  Are there 5 of you together?  Are there any children and if so, how old?

We're a family of 4 - girl 11 (just) and boy 7 (8 in sept).

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Sorry - my husband is a numpty!  He whipped me into a frenzy to reply but after i hit the send button realized it was for different dates and you posted this in March!  Emjoy your trip anyway!


Hi Neil

I believe we are the other family going on this trip. We actually depart the uk on tuesday 28th July heading to South Africe first. We are a family of 5 with a girl aged 11 and then the boys aged 10 and 8. I think that there were 3 spaces left on the trip when i last looked.

Hoping you get this before we leave , looking forward to hearing from you



Hi Louise,

Which trip are you on.  We're booked on the one showing on the website as 12th-26th.  We leave the UK on 12th pm.  We also have an 11 year old girl and a boy 7 ( 8 in September).  Please let us know if it's you.




Hi Jenny

 Yes we are on the same trip except we join you on the 13th August as transferring from South africa on the 13th I believe you leave the uk on the 12th travel over night and arrive in windhoek about 10ish on the 13th. Our flight does not arrive unil about 2pm that same day.

 Looks like we have comparable age children...... Nicole has just finished in year 6 (secondary achool in sept) and callum is just 10 actually 2 days ago and going into year 6 . Jamie our youngest was 8 in Feb so just going into year 4. They are really excited as we leave on Tuesday to visit friends in SA and also to travel a bit first.

Have you packed much warm stuff.. (actually you probably haven't even though about packing yet as have at least 2 weeks to go. )Can't get my head around how cold is it going to be and what we should take with us.....Shoes as well what were you planning on taking?

Any way must go and look forward to hearing from you


Louise and Thomas ,Nicole, Callum and Jamie


Great to hear from you!  Jess has also just left primary school this year and Josh goes into year 3 as the oldest in class.  I envy your trip via SA!  Have spoken to someone else who has done a similar trip and they warned me to take loads of warm clothes - fleeces, hats, gloves, thermals etc.  Oh that's as well as shorts sunhats etc.  In terms of shoes, not settled yet but thinking of walking boots or trainers, crocs and probably flip flops. 

Have you done a trip like this before? We've done one years ago to Botswana pre-kids so not quite sure what to expect.

Children so excited to have children their own age and genders!


yes getting very excited now. Have just re-packed with warmer clothes as friend in SA says cold and snow on dragonsberg mountains!!!!! not sure about that thought we would get some warmer weather.

Shoe wise gone for trainers and sandals and hope thats enough.

Looking forward to meeting you in windhoek. Hope you have a good flight.



sorry forgot to say that we also had done a trip through africa pre children for 7 weeks overland from nairobi to Jburg and also visited Botswana. We wanted to go to the okovango this time but didn't book early enough and we have always wanted to go to Namibia as all the people we met on out trip years ago said how wonderful Nam was. Hope it lives up to expectations ours as well as the children......


Have a great time in SA and look forward to meeting you in Namibia!  Think the arctic conditions here are preparing us. . . . .


oh and husband's name is Rob - don't think he got a mention before!


Hello! It's taken me this long to get my act together and look at this relevant website area! My name is Victoria and my son is Hamish who is 14 years old..sounds like he is going to be the oldest child....

I am very nervous about getting the right warm clothes...hotter than here (summer 09 in England) in the day time but as cold as winter overnight? So is it shorts in the day or trousers? T-shirts in the day? and fleece jumpers at night?


Hi Everyone


Having originated this post last March I had given up hope of anyone responding especially as the site doesn't alert you to replies. Now I find three families have replied!

 Anyway there are four of us, my wife Nicky, my daughter Imogen (Immy) aged 15 and son Stefan aged 11. We have done a couple of these type of holidays previously in China in 2007 and Vietnam in 2008. I worked in South Africa for a couple of weeks back in 2006 and wanted to get back to thjis part of the world so really looking forward to it. It will be great to meet you all.





 Not sure that we are on the same trip as we fly out on 14th but also can't believe there are two family adventure trips within 2 days




Hi Neil and Victoria,

Think you two families are going together on 14th and Louise and my family on 12th.  There are 2 trips within 2 days - if you do "chect availability" then click on bottom of screen to include closed departures (which yours looks to be), it shows the one on 12th and 14th.

Anyway, looks like the families have ended up on respective trips with children of similar ages so all looking great.  Enjoy your trip (assuming its a different one!).


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