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visa hotel any suggestions

I am planning on doing this trip in Aug and I was wondering if you have any tips or could give me an idea of what to expect on the trip ( safety, places you stay,getting visas shoudl I use a company and how long before I go do I order them, money) 


Hi Wendy, the transport for this trip is by overland vehicle. These vehicles have specifically been designed to cope with the variable road conditions and accommodate groups and all equipment. Accommodation is mainly full service camping at campsites en route. In Kigali we stay in a tourist class hotel and in the Masai Mara we stay in a tented camp. More details can be found in the trip notes or please contact a sales consultant and we can send some more details and pictures over.

About getting visas - UK passport holders can obtain all visas at the borders and the tour leader assists with this. Some clients prefer to get visas in advance so they have a more relaxed border crossing - advance visas can be arranged through travcour (www.travcour.com) though they will charge a handling fee for this. When I travelled on this trip I got all visas at the borders and it worked well.

I would recommend taking US dollars with you on this trip. Most optional excursions are quoted in dollars. It is easy to change dollars in to local currency at Kigali/Nairobi airport and at the borders - again the tour leader will direct you to the best places and give you advice on the amount you should change in each country.

Best regards, Lesley (Trip Manager)


I am sorry I should have specified that I am from the US.

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