Sahara Trek - tips (went in Mar 09)


 Promised that I would post a few ideas for anyone interested in this amazing trip.

Bring 2 pairs of trousers for wearing on the trip. Don't need any sort of mat for sleeping on as this is provided. Don't need a large number of clothes, a couple of shirts to keep the sun off and t-shirts would be good, Haribo were good snack food for when we got tired, double bag your camera equipment sand really does get everywhere, change about £80 into TD at the airport in Tunis it is handy for tips for the drivers etc and also to spend in Djerba on the last day although there are ATM's in the main square. Travel sleep eye shades would be a good idea as the moon is quite bright. Bring at least 10 blister plasters the more the merrier these were really really useful..., don't forget a hat even a baseball cap can be worn with the local Shish Turban when you are shown how to tie it.

Anymore tips anyone??

lorretta b

It may be a little long winded but this is what I used on the trip and a couple of notes on what extra things I will take in the future, might be helpful for a first timer like myself...

Clothing: 2 trousers, 1 lightweight and waterproof for walking and a heavier pair for the evening. 1 thermal long johns, 1 pair of thermal loose socks for cold feet in sleeping bag, 2 medium weight walking socks and 2 lightweight. 1 lightweight walking boots (worn in) and one lightweight walking shoes, for easy slip on in the evening. Light wooly hat for sleeping, one buff with warmer material at one end. 1 thermal vest, 2 thermal long sleeve tops, 1 jumper, 1 cardigan with hood (wool or cashmere if pos, for lightweight and warmth) 1 pullover fleece, 1 long sleeve shirt, 2 t-shirts and a sarong. Gloves. Light waterproof jacket. Swiming costume. Hat and shesh (buy out there). Didn't bother with the trekking sandals. I would have taken one extra bigger fleece.

Lots of antibacterial wipes, 1 toilet roll, loads of compedes (different sizes), plastic zip lock bags (a couple of different sizes), travel size bottles of listerine, medicated talc and toothpaste. Germalene, panty liners, nail clippers, sun lotion, first aid kit with some rehydration salts, moisteriser, lip balm, wide, close fitting sun glasses, sleeping bag. It does get chilly at night. I think maybe its worth getting toe nails professionally clipped prior to trek?

Head lamp, with new batteries, day bag, camera and disposible camera, perhaps an underwater one (as they are well sealed) as the Sahara sand really does get into everything. Small water bottle to decant provided water. Note book and pen or pencil, not a biro, my one leaked with the warmth. Chargers for the hotel at the end for camera and phone?

Small gifts for the guides?

Its an amazing trip and well worth taking a week out to do. Did I forget anything :-) Lorretta.



Just to add what Stolan and Loretta have said... 

 - time of year seems to be very important - we went in early-to-mid March and had good balance between very warm (but not yet stifling hot) days and cold, bright nights.  Also, it was too early for the scorpions etc (although we did see one brave littel fella).  So I suggest doing your research as the trip notes cover the entire year and conditions do vary a fair bit.

 - for sleeping outside (highly recommended) you do need a 4 season sleeping bag.  Something rated for around -15c (at comfort) will do the trick.  The guides are expert at predicting the wind direction which is the key for a comfortable night out.  Otherwise, stick to the tents !

  - I would suggest 2 pairs of thermals (perhaps more) as you will be using them each night, and there are zero washing opportunities.  I only had one pair, and was getting complaints from my "tent buddy" by the end of the week !

 - I hindsight, I would have taken a compact, digital camera rather than my digital SLR as the sand really does get everywhere, and we didn't want to risk changing lenses. 

 - Absolutely, jump at the chance to do this trek.  It is incredible.

 - and finally - count the olives.... 


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