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The Inca Trail

Hi all,

My partner and I are booked on the 7th Oct trip.  Anyone else confirmed?!



Hi Ben,

Yep, I'm going!  Just booked, although land only option.  V. excited!!



There are 3 of us joining the trip, 3 lovely ladies!!!!! One who can't wait for the beautiful sights, one who can't wait for the danger, and me who offered to go along and is still not sure why....  We are a lively laughable lot so looking forward to a great fun trip... We're flying in from Manchester so will meet up with everyone at the hotel in Lima..... and we are doing the Amazon add on, anyone else?

 See you there

 Nicola, Em and Karen

Hi Nicola, Em & Karen!

Nice to hear from some other travellers!  I'm travelling alone so am slightly relieved to hear it's not all couples!  Have you done something like this before?  I am worrying slightly about the packing!



No we havn't done anything like this before, although Karen has travelled the world (the adventurous one!!) and we are having the same problems with packing, but we have come up with the theory that if we stop thinking and worrying about it, it will be fine.....!!!  Have you been training? we've trying to get as fit as we can, so we can enjoy it but we are worried about the altitude sickness.... Good to hear from you

I've done a fair bit of long distance walking as I was training for a charity walk earlier in the summer - a lot of that was on the flat though, so I too am a bit worried about the altitude sickness - am hoping that excitement wins out!  Have just started walking with a local group though so hoping to get some hill walking in before october


Sounds good, we did Snowden twice the other weekend and with a struggle just made it.... but we have been walking as and when we can, don't worry though we are still far from fit and are currently maxing out on work out DVDs and exercise.... but your probably right the excitement with give the adrenalin and we can spur and help each other on...


Anyone interested in the Moonstone option to this trip? It;s a bit higher, very pretty, and a lot less travelled, less like the M1!!



Hi all

This is Karen (travelling with Nic and Em) not long now till we go, really looking forward to meeting all of you.  I've just been for a run and it's killed me so I'm starting to panic a bit now about how unfit I am although a lot of the reviews promise that our guides will look after us so here's hoping!!  How is everyone else getting on with preparations? 


I walked 18 miles yesterday, on one of the hottest days of the year!  Some pretty steep hills in places, but unfortunately Hampshire isn't the hilliest of counties so not sure that my training is that realistic!

Hi all,

I just wanted to see if there was anyone else arriving in Lima seperate to the group?  My flight lands at 6ish in the morning on the 7th - anyone else going to be there early?


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