Anyone else booked on the Vietnam Adventure

Would like to get in touch with anyone else travelling on this trip!


Hi Louise, I'm all booked and paid for!  Really looking forward to it, haven't been to the east for 10 years.  Tour's booked out with 16 people so should be fun!


Louise Cliffe

Hi, it's great to hear from you - I'm so pleased that their are 16 of us going, I'm really excited now.  This is the first time i've been on a trip like this, so am a little anxious!  Is there anything I should be prepared for?  Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks time!!



Hi Louise!  Yes, I'm getting excited too!  This will be my 8th trip of this kind, mostly with Exodus and mostly to South America, and I haven't been to the East for 14 years so I'm really looking forward to something quite different (and not flying Iberia!).  I know a few people who have been to Vietnam and they all say it's fantastic.

It's the first time Exodus have done a trip just for single traveller, which I think is a great idea.  Very occasionally the tours have too many couples so it needs the singles to mix it up a bit, so 16 of us should be fun!  Generally people who go on these things are pretty easy going and fairly independent so there's nothing to worry about at all.  Actually, the only thing to worry about is that time flies by way to quickly!

 Right, have to sort my visa out soon.... :-)

 Look forward to meeting you! 

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