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Hi there,

Any takers for this trip?  I'm really looking forward to it but September seems a lifetime away at the moment.  I've never travelled on my own before but I'm sure you'll all be lovely!

See you in Beijing!



Hi Steph

Yes, I will be one of your fellow travellers on this trip, and yes, it will be the first time I will be travelling on my own too. So that makes two of us, at least! Like you I am terribly excited about the trip, it was a big present from me to me, and I wanted to do something a little out of my comfort zone, and go to a culture I hardly know anything about.

Will you be travelling from Heathrow, or joining us in Beijing?

So, who else is out there joining the trip?

Bye for now



Hi Yves,

Glad to see I won't be alone - I've just come back from a weekend away with a big group of people and I've got the bug for travelling again.  I'll be joining the trip at Heathrow too.  I'll be the one struggling with the oversized rucksack....!



Hi - I did this trip last year, we had a fantastic time. Around half the group were travelling on their own, but everyone was very sociable, and we all mixed in.

 Enjoy !


Looks like it's going to be a cosy trip for 2 Yves...!  Come on everyone else - you're starting to worry me.

PS.  Please don't worry that I'm one of those annoying "rally the troops" types.  I promise I won't be organising any group sing-alongs. 


Hi Steph and Yves,

Hope I've used this properly!

I'll be on the trip as well. I've done quite a bit of solo travelling (I'll probably be the oldest on the trip) but I've been on a few Exodus trips recently and the groups and trips have been brilliant. I went to Morocco earlier this year and no one had got round to using this site, but they were a great group.

I'll be at Heathrow with an Exodus bag.....

See you in September



Hello fellow travellers.  Am looking forward to this trip which is getting closer and closer. I have done lots of solo travelling so it will be a pleasure to travel with a group, and also with my good friend, Helen.  I am from New Zealand. Are there any other kiwis in the group?



Hi there!

Great to hear more from some fellow travellers. Not that long to go now... I have not very much prepared anything so far, and am about to put my visa application in. I am not a very experienced traveller, so any tips any of you can provide will be helpful. Even now I am wondering about suitcase vs rucksack, what type of clothes, shoes, meds etc... and keep thinking if there is anything important I need to think about taking along.

Anyway, still a few weeks to go, and I am sure we will all have the time of our lives. Look forward to meeting you all.



Hi all

Can't believe it's only about 4 days to go now! Hope you are all excited, and hopefully we have the chance to identify each other before we board on Saturday for the long flight. Quick question, does anybody know what type of adaptors we need for China. I looked at the country profile, but there seem to be 4 different types of plugs, and the adaptors sold in most shops look like they only fit Continental or American sockets. Or do you believe we may be able to purchase these at the airport?

See you Saturday!



Hi all - I'll be joining at Heathrow too - can't wait! Done a bit of solo travelling before & 2 of these type of tours in the past - loved both of them, so I'm sure this will be a great holiday. I'm staying on in Shanghai after the tour ends to go & visit a friend there so I'll be coming back later than the rest of you probably...as for travel adaptors, I bought one of those "universal" ones in Stamfords, but every time I look on the web, there seem to be a variety of plugs used all over China, so I'm not sure it'll work everywhere...oh well. And yes, you can definitely buy this kind of stuff at the airport...see you in a couple of days!

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