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Mont Blanc

anyone out there going with us on this trek? Peter/Nafis/Mary

Yep - I'm joining you on this one - looking forward to it. Coming by train and stopping over in Paris for a couple of days enroute...



 I am on this trip and am I bit nervous as I have never done this before on my own but I am really looking forward to it. I already feel better knowing 3 people's name. So if you see a girl standing on her own looking a bit lost and unsure that will be me. Looking forward to meeting you all on the 1st.

Hi Lisa

 Only natural to be nervous - I was the first time i did one of these trips on my own. Usually at least half of the people are in the same boat though and I've always had a great time.

Looking forward to meeting you in August - though as I'm not flying in I'll probably be last to arrive so you'll have to look out for other people at the airport (I always enjoy that bit - trying to guess out of the hundreds of people in the airport who you might be spending the next fortnight with...)



Hi Lisa and Steve, we are looking forward to this trip also. Nafis and myself have done a number of overseas treks before but it will be the first time for Mary.

Lisa, at the airport look out for two women in their 30s supporting one male with grey hair. The grey hair being due to age not a fashionable dye. 

Should you want to contact us nearer the date my e-mail is [email protected] Keep up with the training it does make the walking much more pleasent and enjoyable. Regards Peter 


Hi All

 Thank you for your lovely emails I feel much better already. I will keep an eye out for you all at the airport and Steve I shall see you there hopefully not to late or last.

Really looking forward to the trip and meeting you all - only 8 weeks to go.

See you all very soon.



Hi Lisa,

I'm a first timer too, my cousin, Ellen, and I will be arriving at Geneva just before the group flight so we will be on the look out for the group transfer.

I've heard great thinga about Exodus and in particular this holiday. Good to say hello to other people booked on the trip for the same week. Look forward to meeting you all.



Hi Emma

 Thank you for your email. I am not a first timer at treking but usually I go with a friend. This is my first time on holiday by myself which I was nervous about but everyone one seems so lovely that I can't wait to meet you all know.

You will have such a lovely time it is fantastic walking through mountains especially when the weather is lovely and this is total luxury having a jacuzzi at the end of the day waiting for us.

I will look out for you both at Geneva have a safe trip and I look forward to meeting you soon.



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