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Everest Base Camp - TNT


Anyone else going on this trip ?


Hi yeah I'm going too :-)

great, when I booked there were 6 booked on, I'm really excited about this trip but seems a long way off.


Hi!  Yeah I booked onto this trip last week - think I was the 8th to join the trip.  Seems like ages to wait but I think it should be fantastic


Yeah i'm very excited - finding it a bit difficult to contain it so annoying everyone i know with constant talk of the trip!!


Hi, trip looks to be fully booked now.  I managed to get booked on this today so hi!

 Very much looking forward to the trip.  Judging from the reps, quite an age range  from 20's up to 50's.  Should make for a great trip.


I'll be  the older end of the 'gang' so looking forward to 'huffing and puffing' up to Base Camp !

Look forward to anyone's interpretaion of what to take, having read everything several times, and still undecided !



I know what you mean about not knowing what to take exactly! If there is an actual weight limit on the small flight of 12KG, then i'm struggling! Ha!  Seems strange though.  I'm sure we'll manage just about!

is anyone applying for their Visa prior to departure or applying at the airport on arrival ? not sure which is best option. Any ideas anyone


Hi Heth
I tried to post a message here yesterday but can't see it anywhere, it's lost in outer space. I am applying for my visa before I go, it's always a bit hit and miss in some countries, you could just sail through in 2 minutes, or have to queue up for ages only to have a frustrating conversation with someone who will inevitably extract more money out of you than they should and insist on it in a currency you don't have.


I think I may get the visa on arrival at Kathmandu as there seems to be postal strikes in the South,

I'm so looking forward to this trip, 


Flight from Manchester to Heathrow now booked, will have a few hours spare before check in though.

looking forward to it

Has everyone else received their Exodus Kit bags, will have to start practising the packing



Nope, why are they a bit small?  Do you have to use them?  Does anyone know what limits are for baggage on this trip, and how 'flexible' it is?

It's the usual weight limit on the flight to Kathmandu, 22kg I think,but the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airstrip is 12kgs, plus your ruck sack. I believe you can leave your main bag at the hotel in Kathmandu.

I've been to Cotswolds/brighaus this morning and bought a few bits, still not sure what to take, and  now off to buy US$ and Travellers Cheques.


Hi everyone

here is some info from a recent email i had about this, also i was told the flight weight limit from Heathrow is 20 Kgs... In Kathmandu you can leave all the stuff you do not need in your main luggage in a hotel. Everything will be safely locked up, all the groups do it. From Kathmandu you will be travelling only with kitbag (no more than 12kg) and your day pack.

also you need dollars for the Visa on entry (not sterling)

So, keep practising..minimal packs !!



Hi guys,

I signed-up last week and can barely contain my excitement.  

I was also told the same info as posted by jhennigan from a friend who did the same trip a few years ago.  Best to take US dollars and change into Rupees over there, apparently.  

Very much looking forward to meeting you all in Kathmandu, but more than happy to swap details beforehand with anyone who wants to chat.



I've already got some dollars and some Travellers Cheques but in Sterling, so hope they will be ok to change




Hi there,

I am Kwan, I just wanted to say hi to the group, I am joining the Everest Base Camp trip starting on Dec 18. I am not taking the group flight, but my flight is supposed to land about half an hour earlier than it. Hopefully it doesn't delay.

Reading a bit on the site recently, especially after this I thought it may be a good idea if you have extra pens or school materials useful for kids you are happy to give away, bring them along and we can donate them as a group via the tour leader.

 See you guys there!


Hi - I am also joining this trip and have been packing and weighing my bag...and then repacking...does anyone know if we can take our day packs separately to our kit bags or does the 12kg include our days packs??

Your Kit bag should be no more than 12kgs, and your ruck sack is separate, I suppose it's what you can carry!

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