Cape Town to Victoria Falls 22nd August

I've just booked for this in the last fortnight. I'm really looking forward to it. I've been to Cape Town before but the rest is going to be new to me. I am particularly looking forward to seeing the wildlife but having the opportunity for other activities sounds great.

I'm also going on this trip.  It's my first time travelling to this part of Africa and I'm looking forward to the adventure.


Nice to get a reply. 

I'm about to arrange an appointment at my gp's to see a nurse about malaria tablets and find out whether there is anything else I should get. Some courses of shots take a few months so it's worth enquiring early.

Hi there,

I usually go to a travel clinic before my trips with a copy of the itinerary and they tell me what I all need.  I expect some Malaria tablets will be needed. 



Just booked this trip yesterday, my 1st time in South Africa. (did Morocco with Exedus last year) Doing the Mont Blank Circuit in July, home a few weeks, then this "biggie"!! Can't wait, 4 weeks till my next trip, 10 weeks till this one.                                                    One life......... LIVE IT!!

Enjoy your travels and I hope to see you in Africa!

I went walking in the north of Scotland a couple of weeks ago and it was rain and snow on top. As a consequence I am looking forward to our trip together more than ever. Looking forward to meeting you.


..... it's nice to "know" a couple of names of fellow travelers before we go, prob spend a couple of hours "peaple spotting" at Heathrow before the flight!!! I did this before Morocco & actually met a "fellow traveler" (spotted her baggage label and spoke to her!!) Still in touch with her now!!                                                                                                                             One life......... LIVE IT!!


Thanks Ihamilton, I'm looking forward to my Alps trip, got the company of my Son on that one!!                                                                                                                        One life......... LIVE IT!!

I will be travelling from Canada and arriving the night before the tour.


.... the North East (N. Yorkshire) in the U.K. Where are you from lhamilton??? Driving down on the Saturday, "dump" my car at a mates in Daganham, tube to Heathrow. More "excited" 'bout this one than my Alps trip, which will soon be "reality"..... 2 weeks to go, 8 weeks to the "BIGGIE"!!!!!One life......... LIVE IT!!

I live between Newcastle and Durham but Newcastle is easier for catching trains.

And I only need malaria pills for the second half of the trip (starting in Etosha).  I've had other shots in the past including polio, dyptheria, tetanus and typhoid so I didn't need any additional shots.  Got a new, warmer and lighter sleeping bag and my big back pack so I'm ready to go!

I had a booster shot for something that was running out of date, hepatitis A I think. The nurses at my GPs keep a record and always check for me. I got eaten by midges on my scottish trip so I'll be taking long sleeves and repellant as a matter of course.
Is anybody bothering to get the Zambian visa in advance or just paying at the border?

I was planning to just get the Zambian visa at the border (this is what the travel agent I booked with told me to do).

Hi All

I've just booked on this trip. Went to Kenya and Lamu with Exodus last year and had the time of my life. Really looking forward to Namibia and the red sand... Got a new camera which I'm learning to use and am hoping to get some great pictures. Look forward to meeting you all. Jenny

I got a new camera a couple of months ago and I'm still learning. It's a bit more complicated than my old one. I think it should be a great trip for taking pictures.

I'm sure this trip will be amazing for picture takers!  I have my 18x zoom camera ready for the wild life!  I'm also looking forward to the sand dunes in the desert in Namibia - I have wanted to go for years and finally got up the nerve to go.  I wasn't sure I could camp for 3 weeks but I've been camping in the past few years, and I think it will be fun (although I am sure I will be looking forward to sleeping in a proper bed by the end of the trip).  Looking forward to meeting you all too. 

Has anyone heard of the Devil's pool at Victoria Falls?  See the picture below:

I wonder if we will have the chance to go there.  Looks like fun!


Now that looks awsome/thrilling!!!!! As for the camara thing, I'll take a few "snaps"....... then rely on geting the photographers E-mail address's, and "cheating"......

Leaving for my 15day trip around Mont Blank on Fri am, so if I don't get back on...... I'll seeya all 6weeks on Sat/Sun!!One life......... LIVE IT!!

I'm looking at the calendar and starting to tick things off now, loking forward to seeing the dunes and the wildlife in Etosha, crossing fingers for a chance to photograph the fish eagle on the Chobe. I've been practising on kittiwakes.

I just received my trip documents from the travel agent and am looking at my "to do before trip list".  It won't be long now.   The biggest test will be trying to fit everything on my packing list into my back pack!

It is the kind of trip where it's hard to leave things out, heat, cold and activities to take into consideration. I expect as usual I'll start off with a heap of stuff that's far too big and decide not to bother with half of it then get there and realise there is something I really should have brought. At the moment I'm looking for a reliable UK to South Africa electric plug converter. Most of the "worldwide" converters they sell in the uk don't do the job so I may settle for taking plenty of spare batteries.

I've put a pile of clothes out that I want to take (not even all of them) and know that there is no way they will fit in the bag.  The weather will be quite different in each country I think.  Someone on a previous trip I was on told me that they used compression bags for their clothes and I picked up a couple at a travel store.  They are supposed to take up 75% less space and the people I talked to said they work great.  I think you put the clothes in and remove all the air from the bag and seal it.  I haven't tried them yet.

I hope I am okay with the electical adapters.  I use rechargeable lithium batteries in my camera and have to be able to charge them (each one is fairly expensive).  My chargers accept 110V to 240V (we use 110 in North America) so they should be okay.  For the plug adapters, I have several different ones and took 2 that I thought may be used in South Africa to show someone at work who is originally from South Africa.  She told me one of them was the right one for South Africa and hopefully I have the right one for the other countries we visit.   I expect to use a lot of battery power taking so many pictures so I hope I can charge them!



I use zip lock bags, not as efficient as the ones that you can use with a vacuum cleaner but squashing them flat to get the air out seems to work pretty well. I also get lightweight, quickdry, clothes from the outdoor shops because they fold smaller than cotton.

I'm going to take the spare batteries I have fully charged and whatever adaptors I can get and hope for the best. My batteries are supposed to be good for about 4-800 shots each depending on conditions so provided I'm sensible I should get by. The heat might prove more of a problem further north. It seems that autofocus motors can heat up pretty fast, or so I'm told, and I find the manual focus on modern cameras a bit soft to the touch compared to the old manual lenses I used to use, or maybe I'm getting old and clumsy.

Maybe I'm just thinking too much. It's going to be a great trip and everything's going to get cool at night anyhow.

I took too much on my last trip but not enough warm clothes - got a bit nippy at night and on the early morning starts! You can usually recharge your batteries and mobile phones on the truck so long as you remember the charger.

Really in need of the break now. Will be dropped off at Heathrow so maybe catch up in the airport. See you soon.

I think among all the group on the tour we'll have so many adapters that at least someone will have the right one and may be willing to share with others!  I like the zip off pants that can be shorts or long pants and plan to bring a few of those.  They have been quite handy on some of my other trips when it is cool in the morning and evening but hot in the afternoon or when I fly to a warm country from here in Canada in the winter time.


Nicely back (in one piece!!) and all sorted from my Alpine trek....... just one thing on my mind now......... and not long to go!!!!!!!!!!One life......... LIVE IT!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone, got the final joining instructions yesterday, starting to get all excited, counting down.

At least for me, since I leave on Friday.  Looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone.  I'm not looking foward to 19 hours of flying, but I'm sure the trip will be worth it!


........ and we'll be there!!!!!! Suddenly excited......... can't wait, start packing/re-packing tommorow. Should be at Heathrow 5ish, anyone want to say hello, my hand luggage will be my back pack, easily "spotable" by a Tiger Teddy fastened to the back of it!!!! Looking forward to meeting you all, either at Heathrow on Saturday or at the other end on Sunday!!! One life......... LIVE IT!!

I should be there about 5ish too. I'll have a black backpack and I should have a brown teddy in one of the pockets. I've spent the weekend sorting things out, getting excited and nervous about missing something important, just about to run off a checklist.

I hope to run into some of you at the airport and the others on Sunday. Bon Voyage

The weather forecast looks good for the few days we are in Capetown.  Thankfully, no tornados or thunderstorms in the forecast for here today like there were yesterday so hopefully my flight will get out on time.

See everyone in Capetown! 


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