Hello, To fellow travellers!

Hi to everybody who is planning to go to Lima on April 19th...its the first time that my husband Keith and I have:

a) Holidayed with Exodus,  and

b) Ventured to Peru.

We are travelling from Cornwall as the far West is where we live.

What sort of cash are others taking?

 Any thoughts on what to pack?




Hi Jo,

I will go to this trip to. Not sure how much money to take either. Perhaps £500 in Sol and about £200 in USDollars? 

Packing: I think we should pack for summer and winter weather! I have been told that it can get cold in the mountains, so better be prepared. Here are some items i will take along:

Light trecking waterproof shoes; a waterproof jacket; a thin travel towel (in case hotels don't give towels); sunscreen; a couple of thermal vests and trouser (for Titicaca). I wish there was a way of taking some kind of oxygen device with us, I have been told that this is the best way to avoid altitude sickness - I doubt they will have any in the hotels or at the bus. 

 Which flight are you taking? I will take KLM from Amsterdam.

 See you on the 19th!




 Good to hear from you,  We are flying with Continental from Heathrow - Houston - Lima.

The altitude thing is worrying me a bit, I understand that drinking coca tea helps as do warm layers and a good fluid intake. What will be will be I guess. Are you taking a basic medicine kit with you?

Getting exciting now...! How many are booked on the trip - do you know? Are you travelling alone?




Hi Jo,

Yes, I am taking a basic kit with some medicine. There is no decent medicine however for the altitude sickness and we'll have to do with the local remedies. The altitude sickness worries me too, the good thing is that we'll ascend gradually and hopefully we'll find plenty of coca leaves to chew and tea to drink (anticipate some sleepless nights as a result?)  

I am not sure how many people will travel with us. I will travel alone.

I have checked the website of our hotel in Lima and looks okish. It is located in the posh area of the city. We do not seem to have any information for the hotels in other cities, do we?

 I am really looking forward to this trip, there are only a few days left!



Thanks Kyra, do you actually live in Holland?

I am so disappointed that the nazca flight option has been taken out by Exodus. Maybe we can take a private one?

What are you taking in the way of insect repellant? and sun block?

I will try and put pictures of us on sso you can see what we look like.




Hello Jo, I hope you had a nice Easter break!

Yes, I will take an insect repellent and a sun block.

We will be able to see the nazca lines from a plateau. It will not be the same, but it is supposed to be safer.

I will try to put my picture too.

Just a few days left!


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