Mount Toubkal Long Weekend 10/09/09

Anyone else out there doing this trip? Love to hear from you, especially if you are flying from Gatwick as part of the 'flight included' Exodus package. Bit alarmed by the appalling reviews of Royal Air Maroc that I've read, as it's such a short trip, delays or cancellations could be devastating!  Julie :-)


Hi Julie,

Just found this forum! I am travelling form Heathrow which allows a later flight on the last morning which after an expected late night on the night before was more appealing. Still Royal Moroc though but hav not read any revies and will avoid doing so. I am travelling with a close friend and two mates we met treking in Nepal so looking forward to a reunion and meeting so new friends with a similar spirit for adventure.




Hello Brian,

Think not reading reviews is the sensible approach, just trust in fate hey? Since I booked, a friend has also decided to do the trip so we'll both be flying from Gatwick. Hadn't paid much attention to the early departure on last day, will have to gear up for a bit of sleep deprivation!! Look forward to meeting you & your friends, have a good journey from Heathrow & see you in Marrakesh. Julie :-)

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