Suitable women's daypack for Kili

Hi - can anyone suggest a suitable women's daypack for Kili? Trip notes suggest 30 to 40l.

I am only 5'2". Unisex packs seem too wide for my shoulders.

Hope someone can help. Kind regards, L


I would also suggest trying some for size. I travel a few weeks before you on the same trip, and am also having to buy everything from scratch.

I cant afford the nice expensive I went to my local tesco....25 ltr bags are £5.50 at the moment...and are certainly worth trying instore. I have bought two in there, a 25lt and a 45 ltr....and will use both beforehand and decide which one to go with closer to the time.

A friend who has done Kili has advised me to go as light as possible...and suggested 25ltr, the Tesco 45lt doesnt seem that much bigger, and is more comfortable for me...but at the bargain prices they have they are certainly worth trying/buying.


Hi guys - thanks for your replies. I will aim to try some out for size. I have bought a 35l Trespass one in TK Maxx for only £20 - so if you're not happy with your current one it's definitely worth trying there if you have a branch near you & are on a budget. Unfortunately I feel it sits too low on my back when it's loaded so I am going to try some others. I asked re day packs at the talk last night and was advised a larger sack is better as you won't struggle to find anything & won't constantly need to be tipping everything out to find what you need. There will be days when we will need to carry various layers of clothing and will be changing and re-changing over the day. I'm aiming for one with 2 side pockets for water bottles, it was mentioned that it's good to balance with one bottle in each side. I'll post some of the other tips/info we got on the other thread for you. Kind regards, L.


Thanks Jon, I have seen the North Face w terra 40 and am aiming to try it out when I can - thanks for your comments. Some of the Lowe Alpine ones look nice too - decisions, decisions!


North Face sounds too expensive for me ... I'll have to stick to my Tesco stuff methinks...

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