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Anyone else on this trip?


This will be my first holiday to Africa and I was wondering if anyone else was going on this trip? It would be good to chat to a few people before we meet in June.







Hi John

I'm booked on this trip - less than 2 months to go now! Can't wait! Where are you travelling from? I'm on the Gatwick flight on the Friday. I went to Africa a couple of years ago and l loved it - couldn't wait to go back!


Hello there you two!!! I'm on this one and it looks like it's filling up nicely. Think there are only 6 places left whoop whoop!!! Really looking forward to it. When I booked there was only 4 other people on and as a single I was a bit worried it would be me and two couples. I'm flying from Gatwick and got my tickets on the train from Hull booked to get me there with plenty of time to spare. I'm not sure what happens with us all meeting up but maybe we could organise for us to hook up somewhere on the airport before the flight?


It's good that the trip is filling up - more the merrier! Yes it would be good to meet up at the airport as I'm travelling on my own too - so would be nice to have some company! We'll have to sort it out.



Hi Hayley and Jude

I can't wait either! Not long to go now at all. I am travelling up from Liverpool by train and i am flying from Gatwick on the Friday as well (i am on my own).  I haven't booked the train tickets yet, though - that is on my growing list of things to do! Yeah, i agree it would be a good idea to meet up at the airport beforehand, a nice chance to introduce ourselves.



Hi all - just signed up for the forum and thought I'd see who else was going on the same trip.  I'm leaving the UK in 3 weeks so will be meeting the group at the airport in Windhoek - got lots to plan and sort out before I leave as will be travelling for 7 weeks - my challenge is how I fit everything in my rucsac and still have space for all the things I will undoubtedly want to buy on my travels!  Really looking forward to this as have wanted to go to Namibia and Botswana for ages, Alison


Hi Alison.

7 weeks travelling? Lucky you! I will just have to make do with these 2 weeks! I know what you mean about having enough room in your rucsac - i have read some of the notes on this trip and they do recommend only taking a daypack and a soft padded holdall, so it has got me wondering whether i will have enough room! I certainly plan to buy plenty of souvenirs if i can. 



Hi John - yes, having the time for 7 weeks travelling is a positive benefit of being 'between jobs' at the moment!  But the downside is needing to take malaria tablets for 7 weeks :-(  I got my supply yesterday!  A friend did a trip to Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe a while ago and I saw all her photos again at the weekend with fresh eyes, looking out for the places we will be going on this trip - I think the Okavanga delta will be starting to flood, so should see some good wildlife.  I did an Exodus trip a couple of years ago to South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho (Johannesburg to the Cape) but I think this one is going to be a lot more remote as Namibia/Botswana are much less populated.  Alison


Hi all,

Just in case you are not aware the flight details have been confirmed! A slight pain, though, that we have to go via Johannesburg, but at least the dates and hours of departure and arrival remain more or less the same. Can't wait now! Like Alison, i too have now have received my supply of malaria tablets (£21 they cost via my GP - rather pricey!) and my hepatatis A injection done so all set now really, other than the packing of course!




Hi all!! Just got my confirmation too but the airport has changed and the times are very different. Will have to contact rail provider and get my tickets changed, humph.

Hey not long now!!! I've gone for the Malarone maleria tablets because fewer side effect possibilities and they are costing me a fair whack, 24 tablets for £70!! Rip off :-P

I'm excited and nervous now, just gotta get through 3 weeks of work and then it's all gonna happen. Sounds like there is a rep at the other side of the customs at Heathrow so that will be where we will all be meeting. Can't wait to meet you all!!


Hi Guys

Just seen the change of flight email too - bit of a shame as I was going to get free parking at my mate's house who lives ten mins from Gatwick! Oh well!

I can't believe there is less than 3 weeks to go now - don't think I've ever been as excited!! But so much packing to be done!

I was thinking that it might be good to meet at the airport before we check in? Then we could try and get seats together? Does anyone know anywhere at Terminal 5 where we could meet?



Sorry, should have mentioned in my previous email that there was a change of airport! I have never flown from Heathrow before (only Manchester and Gatwick), so i am not too familiar with the terminal 5 layout. One thing is for sure, though, i will be getting there a good few hours before the 16.05 check-in time. Maybe we could wear something distinctive and wait by the check-in desk at a specific time? I've got an yellow t-shirt i could wear or my Everton FC home shirt or something like that...


Hi - just checking up on my emails as I'm now in Africa - I arrived in JoBurg this evening and staying with a friend tonight before flying up to the Northern Cape early tomorrow.  Its a bit chilly here compared to Kenya where I have just come from as of course its now winter in Southern Africa.  Good luck with all your flight changes - Terminal 5 is lovely - I flew out to Kenya from there last week - it is pretty enormous, so you'll definitely need to choose a specific place to meet - but be careful, if you choose say a shop in the departures, be aware that there are several of some e.g Boots or WHSmith - it foxed me a bit.  look forward to meeting you all in 3 weeks.  Alison

Reading all these massages is totally getting me excited, I'm going to be useless at work for the next three change there then ;-)

 I think that our group will already be booked on seats near each other, I seem to think it's something that tour companies like this do but I could be completely wrong, I am blonde after all.

Suggesting wearing something distinctive is very dodgy grounds.......I'll think up a whole host of things from a full tiger suit to dressing in full floral attire. I think I will be there around about 15:00 due to the cheapo trains now being limited. Managed to get them sorted quite easily.

I think I have everything I need, was setting it all out last night so that I can remember what I've bought over the past few months. I'm going as light as possible and from a trip I did a little similar to this style a few years back you can almost guarantee that you will only wear half of what you take because you get fed up of raking round in your backpack and end up wearing the same clothing the final week. Sounds awful but it's all in the spirit :-D

I just hope it isn't going to be too cold for me........


I have to say that my mind is wondering at work at the moment! The thought of going on a holiday of a lifetime is rather more appealing than thinking i must do this photocopying, typing, etc! I too have bought most of the stuff i need now - medical supplies, specific clothing (sun hat, warm hat, shorts, etc), torch, and binoculars to name a few things. All that is left really is a plug adaptor (struggling to find one at the mo, but hoping someone else might have one if need be!) and some travel books on Namibia and Botswana. What is the temperature in Kenya at the moment, Alison? Might give us an idea what to expect... I have read, though that is averages around 20 degrees celcius in both countries during the June period, which is nice and pleasant, i think it just gets a bit chilly at night.


Just booked a coach down from Birmingham - I get to Heathrow at about 2.30 so I'll be there well in advance.

Yeah I haven't managed to get a plug adapter either - is it a South African one that we need? Anyway I'm sure we'll find one at the airport.

What's everyone doing about currency? I think I might just take US dollars and pounds and change it once we get there. I think I read somewhere that you can often use dollars anyway?

One of my mates went to Namibia last August and she said it was really hot during the day but quite cold as soon as the sun goes down. So need to pack so much! But yes we will probably end up wearing the same stuff for the whole holiday!

There was no advice in trip notes on currency was there? I'll have to do a net search and see what is best because that's something that didn't enter my mind really. You kind of assume that everyone accepts sterling. There are quite a few added extras we can do too I think so must make sure I take enough :-D I have a plug adapter and a camera charger that can be used on the vehical through the cigarette lighter because I wasn't sure what kind of electic supply we would be having on an evening.


I have booked my train tickets from Liverpool this evening and i am due to arrive in Heathrow for around 1pm - well in advance, i know, but i much rather be there nice and early. That is a good shout that, Jude, about getting the travel adaptor at the airport, i hadn't thought of that. I will use that as a back up plan assuming i don't find one before i go. Regarding the currency, i haven't got mine sorted out either yet, but i have looked at the Heathrow airport terminal 5 layout and there are loads of Travelex currency places where we might be able to exchange for Namibian and Botswanian money. If not, then hopefully we will get the opportunity to sort that out when we land at Windhoek. Worse case senario would be that i would just have to rely on my Maestro card throughout.

Just been on the net and it seems that travellers cheques are a no no cos of large exchange charges. The airport and banks are happy with either UK sterling or US Dollars.


Thanks Hayley! Think I'll just take some pounds and dollars then plus my cards.

Been thinking....are any of you on Facebook??


Yeah, thanks for that, Hayley, i will probably just stick to taking UK pounds and my Maestro card as well. I certainly am on Facebook and you can search for me via my name (of course!) John Coram. They aren't too many John Coram's fortunately, to the extent that i am the only one based in the Liverpool network.


Yep - I'm on Facebook too look for Jude Reid. Hayley - what's your surname and I'll try to find you. John - giong on now to find you!

Lots of Judes with your name, LOL!! I'm easy to find. Last name Tweed :-D


Hi Hayley and Jude,

In case you didn't already know, i have added you both as friends on Facebook 


:-D accepted!!!


Hello there, flipping 'eck not long now!!!

 There is a fabulous program on tonight. Think it's at 9 on channel 4 :-D I'm getting so excited nut nervous too.......


Yeah, ironically my mum has just mentioned that programme to me as well! Stephen Tompkinson flies ovet the Serengeti National Park in a balloon so it should give us a bit of an idea to expect should any of us decide to take up the offer of a balloon ride where we're going. I might possibly do it, but then again it isn't cheap from what i have heard - a good few hundred pounds. A work colleague mentioned to me that she went on a balloon ride in South Africa last year and it cost £300, an awe-inspiring experience, though. Yeah, i'm a little nervous about the holiday as well, i've never done any thing like this before, so it should be a interesting (and great!) experience. Still deciding what to pack at the moment, but i have got Thursday off work so i will make sure i get it all sorted by then

How rubbish am I??!! It's at 8 on ITV LOL!!!

I did a similar thing in Australia when I went and it was much cheaper than the one that's on offer with this trip but I would recommend it cos it's an experience. I wont be doing it I don't think but then again if it turns out that the majority of the people have decided to do it then I'll join in. Think there is a full cooked breakfast included in it too :-D

Right then I'm off to watch this programme now. As for the packing, everything is out and ready to be shoved in my bag, I don't seem to have much stuff though......



I watched that programme too - now I'm really in the mood for Africa! It was a good taster! Looks like it's from Botswana & Namibia next week - have to record that one!

Are you guys taking a sleeping mat? I'm not sure if we needed one - I did email Exodus a while back and they said that they provide a foam mattress but not sure to take one as well - just in case! As it does mention it in the trip notes. But came to get my stuff together last night and struggled to fit everything in my ruc-sac! Think I need to seriously cut back on some clothes!

Hi Jude :-D

I'm not taking one cos I thought they provided you with one too. I'm taking very little but not tried packing yet, think I'll do that tonight. Need to get my money out of the bank too so must make sure I get that done. I'm really excited!! Role on Thursday evening when I can lock the door to the office and skip my way to the car and get into true holiday mode :-)


That's sorted then - I won't take one either. Should be able to fit everything in now!

I know - can't wait until 5pm on Thursday - the holiday starts then!


If we find the ground is too lumpy we can lay all your clothes out underneath the sleeping bag and use those as a mattress :-D


No, i haven't bought a sleeping mat either. I might have a look at the airport, but if i can't find one then i will probably just use my clothes as well as a makeshift mattress! I haven't started my packing yet (i will do that during Thursday) but i think will probably end up taking 1 warm fliece (i am going to take a bit of a gamble by not taking a coat or jacket, which will take up space in my holdall), 5 t-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans (not going to bother with shorts - the temperature in Namibia at the moment according to the BBC website is between 15-20 degrees so warm without being too hot, plus it gets chilly at night don't forget), and one pair of walking boots (thankfully they are comfortable!). So, i am hoping i will have enough room, as i still have to find space for toiletries and medical supplies as well! Stuff that i will use during each day, such as my camera, binoculars, books, etc, i will put in my rucsack


Hi - I'm back on line briefl after 2 weeks in the Kalahari desert with no internet, little mobile, and after a few days no landline - cos the phone lines were stolen!  You know you are in Africa!   Desert was lovely and we had sundowners at the Botswana border on Sunday night - can't wait to actually be in Botswana for real at the weekend.  Just wanted to re-iterate the 'cold' thing - it tends to be lovely in the day - mid 20s but can drop down very cold after dark (around 6pm) one night it was -2 degrees - I was staying indoors, so had a little heater and hot water bottle - slightly nervous about camping if tis going to be that chilly, so when you are packing I do recommend some thermals!!   I will be wearing mine to sleep in!  Wooly hat and gloves also useful and a warm fleece.  Just hoping we might get the opportunity to do washing on the trip at some stage, or I know I will be very smelly!  I am on Facebook too - Alison Buchanan - just about to try and change my picture to one with me and a meerkat on my shoulder, if I can get it uploaded on this machine!

Thanks for the tips Alison!! I have my thermals packed but seeing as you are saying it's very cold at night I am going to remove my sleeping back from my back pack and put a pair of warm trousers in there and make sure there is room for my hat etc :-D I can carry the sleeping bag on as hand luggage I am sure.....

I've got two days and 3 hours left at work!!!


Hi Alison. Glad to hear you are having a great time! Thanks for the tips as well - i am amazed at the temperature extremes, i will just have to make sure that i try and pack clothes for the hot and warm weather. I will start my packing tonight, mainly to check if everything i have in mind to take actually fits in my holdall ok. I plan to travel as light as possible and i intend to take a medium sized holdall and a small rucksack. If my plans do go ary then i will have to rush out on Thursday to buy a bigger rucksack or something! Alison, I take a look for you on Facebook now.


I'm now in Cape Town, and finally (after 5 attempts) managed to upload a picture of me with a meerkat on my shoulder, so feel free to friend me!  Look forward to meeting you all in a few days - am off to Stellenbosch tomorrow to drink some lovely wine!!

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