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Classic Peru - Inca Trail and and the Amazon Rainforest

Hi.  I am booked on this trip and thought I would introduce myself to my fellow travellers.  It would be great to know who else is on this adventure!



Hello, Sonia

I am booked on that trip too!  Myself and my friend Nicola!

We are looking forward to it so much!  It really will be a trip of a lifetime for us both!

Are you ready for it?



Hi! Julie and Neil are also booked on this trip.

Going to have fun trying to decide what to pack(or not pack!) Any thoughts on this?

Have found a useful link to website called itchy feet.

Look forward to meting you soon!

Julie and Neil



Hi all,

Yup, I'm struggling with what 'not' to take too - as Berni and I are adding the Galapagos trip on the end (that's an extra gallon of factor 50 for me then!!).Anyone else doing the Moonstone Trek instead of the Inca Trail?Although I know people who've done similar trips to Machu Picchu I'm still very unsure what conditions to expect but very excited to find out. I've done the Toubkal climb (with Exodus June 2007) and that was very hot and very dry - I'm told to expect this one to be hot and damp, anyone heard same?When we booked this trip it seemed so far off - now it's so close I'd better get shopping lol. So anyone with any tips on last minute essentials that Exodus hasn’t already mentioned then by all means let us know.A friend of mine has bought me a wind-up keyring size torch - how cool is that!!!

Hope more join this thread,

Nicola :-)



Hi all,

I'm booked on this trip too with my boyfriend Allan:-)  My packing seems quite small at the moment, but guess that's a good thing??!  At least my suitcase won't be that heavy!

Looking forward to meeting you all... is anyone else flying from Manchester?



Hi there!

I'm having the usual dilema of what to pack, but also how much cash to take as I don't know how easy it will be to use plastic.  Does anyone have thoughts on this?




Welcome aboard! We're a bit unsure on cash too Allan. A quick paddle on tinterweb says there are many ATMs in rather strange unexpected places!

Would appreciate others' views on this too.

Good tip I was given - "You can always pay for a 10dollar item with 10 1dollar notes".

Maybe when we meet at the airport we can all go on an ATM hunt together. Only just started to think of money this week. I thought I'd take US$s in small notes too just in case. Will just bring them home if don't use them.

Can any Exodus staff looking in give us some advice based on previous trekkers on this trip please?

Nicola :-)


S H Shah

Hi Guys,

Good to hear from you. I have just finalised my packing and was just informed to pack something for the evening in the event you go out! And I am trying to be light weight as possible. Most of my stuff is trekking wear. Anyone got any other suggestions? The guide advises on obtaining local currency from the airport so agree on batching up and hunting for the local bank. I am so excited on going now. Anyone read any books on the incas?



Jeans and a t-shirt or trekking shirt will have to do me for going out - not sure how much more I can pack!


Well, you can tell I was a girl guider. Jeans, trousers, dress (all lightweight), surely one will do. Mostly trekking stuff too. Haven't been to the gym for weeks so lugging this kitbag's going to make up for it lol. We're adding the Galapagos ext so we've got even more suncream!! Good job we can leave stuff in Cuzco.

Sonia, are you doing the Moonstone? I believe there are 4 including Bernie and me.

I'm finally packed too - I somehow managed to fit a mountain in my kitbag and there's still space left! Trouble is though, I don't know what to expect, it's like 3 different activities to cater for.

Really looking forward to meeting you all.

Nicola :-)


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